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Japanese Government to Shutdown Pirate Anime...

Jul 30 2014 11:45 PM | Mikuru // X in World News

In an effort to gain back lost profits from illegal anime & manga scalation sites, the Japanese government - In cooperation with 15 major anime production companies and manga publishers - will next month start a huge extermination operation against foreign sites which have illegally uploaded anime and manga contents on the web without the copyright holders' permission, in China in particular.

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Monogatari Series: Hanamonogatari adiado para 1...

May 14 2014 05:25 PM | Mariya in Anime

O site oficial do anime Monogatari Series Second Season anunciou na terça-feira que o anime Hanamonogatari foi adiado de sua estréia em 31 de Maio "devido a questões de produção". Em vez de estrear em 31 de Maio e correr por cinco semanas seguidas, todos os cinco episódios estrearão em uma maratona no Sábado, 16 de Agosto.

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Sword Art Online Hollow Fragments To Have Engli...

Mar 24 2014 02:53 AM | Mikuru // X in Games

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragments, is the next game in the Sword Art Online series to be released next month for the Playstation Vita. The first game, Sword Art Online - Infinity Moment -, was released last year on March 15th for the Playstation Portable. Since the PSP game release and the announcement of Hollow Fragments, fans in the west have been itching for a chance to play any of the two in English but have been left out due to the PSP being dead in the United States and because no English version of the latest game has been announced.

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Log Horizon 2nd Season Airs Fall 2014

Mar 23 2014 07:16 PM | Mikuru // X in Anime

Announced after the 25th & final episode of the series, MMORPG genre series "Log Horizon" is set to have a second season later this year as part of the Autumn anime season line-up.

The adaptation of Mamare Touno's novel begins when 30,000 Japanese gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder Tale. What was once a "sword-and-sorcery world" is now the "real world." Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akasuki join together to survive.

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The World God Only Knows Manga To End in Next V...

Mar 18 2014 01:52 AM | Mikuru // X in Manga

The wraparound jacket of the 25th volume to The World God Only Knows manga indicates that the author Wakaki Tamiki is announcing on Tuesday that the series will end in the next volume

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A-T Editiorial - Final Round Weekend

Mar 18 2014 12:01 AM | Mikuru // X in Editorials

As you can tell from the content on this site, I for one love fighting games.......a lot.....just about as much as I love MMORPGs. When I play certain fighting games, I take them seriously but not enough to the point that I'll start screaming at my TV when things don't go my way (okay, maybe I do but it's very rare when I do) but overall, they hold a special place in my gaming heart and lifestyle. It wasn't very long ago where I started to take them seriously enough that I attend big time tournaments. So here is was my 3rd appearance at Atlanta's biggest fighting game tournament "Final Round" but this time, I only attended as a spectator.....not a contender.....I'm kinda strapped for cash so you all know how that goes.

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Decapre Revealed As 5th Character in Ultra Stre...

Mar 17 2014 11:22 PM | Mikuru // X in Games

On this past Sunday after the grand finals of the Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver. 2013 at Final Round, a huge southeastern fighting game tournament that is held in Atlanta, GA during the 2nd weekend of March every year, Capcom had a special announcement which entailed the revealing of the final 5th character for their upcoming updated version of Street Fighter 4 titled "Ultra Street Fighter 4". The final character named Decapre was revealed and is one of M.Bison's (Vega if you live in Japan) DOLLs in which he controls.

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Sword Art Online's Kirito Joins the DENGEKI...

Feb 09 2014 05:26 PM | Mikuru // X in Games

It has long been speculated that only one playable & supportive representitive would be put into Sega/Dengeki Bunko/French-Bread upcoming fighting game "Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax" but now that rule has been broken as Sword Art Online's protagonist Kirigaya Kazuto (aka: Kirito) will be joining the cast with fellow SAO characters Yuki Asuna & supporter character Krirgaya Suguha (aka: Leafa) as a playable character.

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Shingeki no Kyojin live-action coming in 2015

Dec 05 2013 03:02 PM | Mariya in Anime Toshokan News

The official website of Attack on Titan has confirmed the live-action film set in becoming successful manga in 2015. Since its launch in 2009, Attack on Titan has sold over 25 million copies, and in 2013 the year of his final explosion with more than 15 million units sold, due in part to the opening in recent times the first season of the anime.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day From Anime Toshokan

Nov 28 2013 04:08 AM | Mikuru // X in World News

It's that time of the year again where the people in the USA give thanks for whatever in the world they want to be thankful for. Not only that but it's also that time of the year where they pretty much just stuff their gut with turkey, dressing, and other great goodness of food that they pretty much eat on this day!

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GTA: San Andreas Mobile Coming Next Month

Nov 26 2013 09:04 PM | Mariya in Games

After Grand Thef Auto III and GTA: Vice City reach mobile devices, it is the turn of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas receive the same treatment at the hands of Rockstar. The company announced on Tuesday (26) an adaptation of the game originally released for the PlayStation 2 should arrive coming to iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile.

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