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Anime Toshokan Mascots "Mikuru" & "Haruhi" Reintroduced

Over the years, Anime Toshokan has always had 2 or 3 mascots that represent the site. Back in 2010, we introduced these mascots in their first drawn version back when we had them designed at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Over the course of 5 years, their designs have changed (well, only one of them) and their redrawn looks are now complete. Mikuru & Haruhi are 2 of 3 main mascots for Anime Toshokan. They are the sites personification of its founder Mikuru//X and his close online friend & Rumble Fighter partner "Haruhi". 

Name: Mikuru
Nationality: American
Ethnic: Half African American / Half Thai
Age: 21
Born: September 20, 1996
Place of Birth: Alabama, USA
Hobbies: Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Web Design, Graphic Design, Playing Video Games (Fighting & MMORPGs mostly), Cooking, Sleeping (a little too much)
Favorite Foods: Mom's Thai Cooking, Sushi, Takoyaki, Grilled Corn, Fish (prefers Tilapia), Tiramisu, Coffee Based Products
Likes: Her friendly gaming rivalry with Haruhi, quiet places, trying new foods, going places, & other stuff?
Dislikes: Lazy/uncultured/disrespectful/closed minded people, the word that is not a word "Weeaboo",......that's all you're getting out of me.
Favorite Anime Series(s): Chobits, El-Hazard, Battle Athletes, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, Mamano Hunter Yohko
Mikuru's design has not changed since we've first introduced her back in 2010. Still sporting the eye patch, cat ears cap, & white coat, no one knows exactly what she likes to wear underneath it.....not ever her creator. What we do know is that she tends to be a very quiet person at most times but tends to do a complete 180 when she's at bars, gaming pubs, or anime conventions. Usually bored with everyday life as nothing particularly happens in her hometown so she spends everyday on her computer or iTab doing random things online.

Name: Haruhi
Nationality: American
Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: 20
Born: April 20, 1997
Place of Birth: USA (Haruhi has not stated)
Hobbies: ???
Favorite Foods: ???
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Favorite Anime Series(s): ???
Haruhi has went through a complete overhaul in her design. Her original design had her too close to resembling Haruhi from "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsuu" which is something we needed to avoid at all cost. Luckly, another one of our online friends from the online game "Rumble Fighter" came up with her current design but only from the head down to her chest. We had to make go with what we had and come up with the rest ourselves. Haruhi's profile is currently unknown because only Haruhi has that info as we'll wait to see what she wants to put down for her. The only reason Mikuru's profile is done is because she is based on our founder.
The redesign artwork was commissioned by Anime Toshokan to a online artist who goes by the name "LukisanHana" on Facebook. She has done an excellent job portraying our mascots the way we imagined them and for coming up with the rest of the body for Haruhi with absolutely nothing to fall back on. We really recommend you check her artwork out and see about getting commissions from Lukisan....tell them Anime Toshokan sent ya!!

LukisanHana Facebook Page: Click Here

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster | New trailer

Sega released a trailer with the introduction of the history of Vakyria Chronicles Remaster, new version of the strategy RPG that will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan.
The remastering will be launched on February 10 in Japan and will include a demo of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, which will also be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan but does not have yet a release date.

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Trailer Revealed

Sega recently released the first trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, tactical RPG that will reach the PS4 in 2016. The video, in Japanese, summarizes in just over three minutes everything will be present in the adventure, from the history to the battle system.
The launch is scheduled for February 10 in Japan and will include a demo of Valkyria: Azure Revolution who will also be released for the PS4.
If you live in Japan, check this page to participate and win a set of Valkyria Chronicles QUO cards in a lottery:
Just follow SEGA's profile and retweet.

Konami Bans Hideo Kojima from Attending the Video Game Awards 2015

In what seems to be an endless spiral of stupid events, Konami had banned Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, from attending the Video Game Awards 2015 which took place on December 3, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Video Game Awards producer Geoff Keighley stated during the awards ceromony on Thursday that Kojima did not attend the ceromony because a lawyer representing Konami had informed Kojima that he "was not allowed" to attend. Keighley stated that Kojima had "every intention" of attending the event but because of this move by Konami, Kojima was instead watching the event back in Tokyo.
During the event, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was nominated for Game of the Year, Best Art Direction, Best Score/Soundtrack, & Best Action/Adventure. The had won both awards for Best Score/Soundtrack & Best Action/Adventure. Kojima Productions was also nominated for Developer of the Year. Both awards were accepted by Keifer Sutherland, the voice of Big Boss in MGSV: The Phantom Pain.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain also won a Platinum Award at the Playstation Awards 2015 ceromony in Tokyo earlier on Thursday. This award is awarded for games that have sold more than 1 million copies. The game also won a Users Choice Prize Asia. Kojima was also not allowed to attend this event. Instead, a Konami public relations supervisor accepted the trophy instead.
This event is just one of many (but the biggest) that has occurred ever since the falling out between Kojima & Konami has started earlier this year. A report by The New Yorker sited that Kojima had left Konami Los Angeles Studio on October 9th, after a farewell ceromony. Konami later denied the report, saying that at the time of its writing, Kojima was taking "an extended vacation." 
News from an anonymous source within Konami claimed back in March that Kojima would leave Konami after completing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, with Kojima's contract with Konami supposedly ending sometime in December. Konami stated around the same month that Kojima Productions and other internal companies have had their names changed as part of Konami's restructuring.....all of the ones which Kojima has had some involvement with.
The phrase "A Hideo Kojima Game" was also removed from the game titles on Konami America's Metal Gear Solid page along with logos for "Fox Team" & "Fox Engine" and when Konami restructed in March, Kojima was no longer listed as the "Executive Content Officer" of Konami.
Earlier in the year, Kojima has previously stated that he would consider Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as the last Metal Gear Solid title. Later, Konami UK Community Manager Graham Day stated in an interview back in September that "the Metal Gear brand will continue," even without Kojima.

Sources: IGN, Gamespot, Anime News Network

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster and Valkyria: Azure Revolution announced for PS4

A new game from Valkyria series was announced, along with a remastering of the first game of tactical RPG franchise from SEGA. The news come just weeks after the publisher have registered a new brand of its games catalog, indicating that an original Valkyria could be on the way.
According to Famitsu magazine and Hachima Kikou, Valkyria Chronicles Remaster will be released in Japan on February 10. Meanwhile, the new game in the series, titled Valkyria: Azure Revolutuion, will be developed by Media Vision and will be available in late 2016. No information about the release of both titles to the West.

Here's a description of Valkyria: Azure Revolution: "With the discovery of blue crystal Ragnite, the mighty Rush Empire has achieved rapid development and expanded its territory. Jutland, a small country, is economically blockaded by the great nation. In order to defend itself, independence and freedom in the region, Jutland attacks the Empire army base."
Azure Revolution will have Hamlet as protagonist, Ophelia as heroin and Brynhildr as a Valkyria who "is before the heroes." The game will feature a watercolor style and will offer a real-time battle system. A demonstration of the new game will be available on the remastering of Valkyria Chronicles.

Today was revelated through Dengeki Playstation by a interview with Valkyria: Azure Revolution director Takeshi Ozawa and chief producer Youichi Shimosato, that the upcoming RPG features permanent death.
According to Ozawa, the game includes the permanent death system, ie if your character dies in battle, it is lost forever. And the player will be motivated to prevent this from happening, because there will be stories and events for all the characters, regardless of their importance.
But if the character dies, the main story will continue smoothly, only the events related to him/her will not happen. However, to help players, it seems that there will be a system to try again, so you can try the battle once again and not let the character die.
Sources: Gematsu / IGN Brazil / PS3Brazil

Kill Me Baby Seiyuu Ai Takabe Charged For Drug Use....Again

On Wednesday, Tokyo Metropolitan Police have charged seiyuu & idol Ai Takabe (real name Ai Nakayama) again on charges of drug use in violation of the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law. Takabe was originally arrested for drug possession just recently on October 15, and a search of her personal belongings & household had yielded cocaine.
After her arrest in October, Takabe was tested positive for cocaine use. On the day of the arrest, Japanese streaming services such as Amazon & Bandai Channel both had removed Kill Me Baby and other anime titles in which Takabe had voice roles in.
Takabe made her debut as a seiyuu in the anime series Aoi Hana as Fumi Manjoume. She has also voiced characters in other anime titles such as Hourou Musuko, Sacred Seven, Savred Seven: Shirogane no Tsubasa, & Kill Me Baby. She was a member of the Bishoujo Club 31 idol group, and acted in live-action series on Fuji TV & TV Asahi.
Earlier last month, Takabe's official profile and blog on the website of her agency at the time, Oscar Promotion, was deleted. Oscar Promotion issued a statment upon her arrest stating the following:
"We have heard of [Takabe's] arrest. Whatever the reason, we have cancelled our contract [with her]."
 Source: Tokyo Sports, Mainichi Shimbun

Shimoseka Seiyuu Miyu Matsuki Passes Away

It comes with a troubling heart to announce that seiyuu & singer Miyu Matsuki has passed away. Talent agency 81 Produce announced on Monday that the seiyuu & singer passed away on October 27th due to illness (which has since then been confirmed that it was due to Pneumonia). She was 38 years old.
Matsuki had announced in July that she would be taking a break from her work to focus more on treating her pneumonia. She said that at the time that she has had a fever since the start of the year that wouldn't subside, and then found out that she had acute pneumonia after continuously going to the hospital for check-ups.
In May, GA Bunko announced that Matsuki would play Charlotte Dimandias in teh upcoming anime for Jun Missaki's light novel series "Hundred". The anime's format or premier date has yet to be announced.
Some of her roles in anime included Ku-ko in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Isumi Saginomiya in Hayate no Gotoku, Magicial Sapphire in Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Hisui in Carnival Phantasm, & just recently as Anna Nishikinomiya in Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai. She has also performed the theme songs for Love Love?, Zoku Sayonara Zesubo Sensei, & Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.
Matsuki's fellow cast members and other industry members have been expressing their shock and condolences on Twitter:
Sakakibara Yui
"It's finally been announced... I still can't believe we won't ever meet again. The many memories I had with Miyumiyu throughout these many years are living preciously in my heart. She tried so hard. I've been crying since the day I found out what happened, but I'm still so sad that I can't say anything."
Ogata Megumi
"I can't... put it into words..."
"Why... did she go... this early...?"
Akesaka Satomi
"I loved Cherry Bell... I wish her peace in the after life."
Nishimata Aoi
"What...? I've just heard that the voice actress Miyu Matsuki has passed away... Why...? I know Matsuki-san from when she played the heroine Akane Mizuhara in Final Approach... I really can't believe this... It's terrible..."
Taketatsu Ayana
"Huh? No way."
We here at Anime Toshokan give the family & friends of the late Matsuki Miyu our condolences and wish for them the best in their time of need. As fans of her work, thank you Matsuki Miyu for bringing your voice to some of our favorite anime characters that we have come to love. You will dearly missed...........

Anime Toshokan - Help Wanted

Over the course of years since the days where we did Stepmania material, fansubbing, & other activities, Anime Toshokan has since changed to go in a more clean route about our operations. Since then, we've also pretty much abandoned the community that helped us grow back in those days. It may have been for the best for the greater good that is to be recognized by others as an official outlet to express ourselves & to teach others about all things anime, gaming, & otaku culture but the road leading to there is very long and harsh with the rise of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others of its kind......even in anime social media, Goboiano is about to capture that market as well, leaving websites like Anime Toshokan & others to try even harder to gain a following and a community. Unless there was something that made a website different or attractive than the others, those sites have no chance of ever getting off its feet.
As the only person who runs this site and the only person actually tries to add content, it's very hard on me to do anything on my own as this is a hobby & dream project for myself. Even I have a 5/8 job that has to pay the bills so it's extremely hard for me to keep this up but I've done so for the last 17+ years (this includes all the early iterations of this site before it became Anime Toshokan). This is a cry for help, if anything, to find people who share the same love for anime & games as I do who would like to build a community where people can share ideas & experiences with others.
If you're that kind of person would like to help us (or me, to be more blunt), please contact me through PM on the A-T website. Also, let me know what your ideas are to help us grow.

RWBY's Official Japanese Dub Trailer at Comiket 88

During Comiket 88 (which is going on at the time of this article), Warner Bros. Japan began streaming the official Japanese dub trailer to the Rooster Teeth anime-style web series "RWBY" on Friday. The web series, which follows four girls with unique weapons and powers who are training to hunt supernatural "Creatures of Grimm," was licensed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Japan for distribution and merchandising in Japan last year. The series was streamed on Rooster Teeth's website & Crunchyroll.
:: Seiyuu Cast & Roles ::
Saori Hayami as Ruby Rose Yoko Hikasa as Weiss Schnee Yu Shimamura as Blake Belladonna Ami Koshimizu as Yang Xiao Long Hiro Shimono as Jaune Aya Suzuki as Nora Megumi Toyoguchi as Pyrrha Soma Saito as Ren Kazuhiko Inoue as Ozpin Masumi Asano as Glynda Subaru Kimura as Cardin Megumi Han as Penny Shinichiro Miki as Roman The first Blu-ray and DVD goes on sale in Japan on December 9th and the original Soundtrack will also be released on November 11th.
An official fan book featuring illustrations from 22 different artists, including Hiroyuki Asada (Tagami Bachi: Letter Bee), Yoshitoshi Abe (Serial Experments Lain, Haibane Renmei), Hajime Ueda (FLCL), okama (Tail Star, Glass Fleet), Jinsei Kataoka & Kazuma Kondou (Deadman Wonderland), Range Murata (Last Exile, Blue Submarine No.6), & toi8 (character designer for MAOYU, No.6) went on sale during last year's Winter Comiket.
The series creator Monty Oum passed away in February after suffering from an allergic reaction to a medical procedure.
Source: Anime News Network