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Anime Fansub Releases - Unlimited Translation Works - Jan 29,2012

Okay, it's been a week and a lot of stuff has been released so now it's time to play catch up on what you might have missed. Keep in mind that the shows posted are always what I've been watching myself and from th groups I get them from but again, we're not biased as to which groups want to have their releases announced here. With that said, again, if you would like to have your fansub releases announced on our front page, please let us know on the forums and we'll post as soon as we see it. And here are the releases from last week for Unlimited Translation Works:

Unlimited Translation Works Releases
:: Downloads ::

Carnival Phantasm 11
DOWNLOAD 1080p: [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_11_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC][F705AFC5].mkv
DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_11_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][4D74F474].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_11_[BD][XviD][38ECD3CD].avi

Carnival Phantasm 12 + Fate/Prototype
DOWNLOAD 1080p: [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_12_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC][47CDAF9C].mkv
DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_12_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][97E0017A].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_12_[BD][XviD][1F976BB5].avi

DOWNLOAD 1080p: [UTW]_Fate_Prototype_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC][7F4E8ADF].mkv
DOWNLOAD 720p: [UTW]_Fate_Prototype_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][D1711E15].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Fate_Prototype_[BD][XviD][61383EA7].avi

Amagami SS+ 03
DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_Plus_-_03_[h264-720p][8F1647EC].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_Plus_-_03_[XviD][7D8FA08B].avi

Amagami SS+ 04
DOWNLOAD HD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_Plus_-_04_[h264-720p][55BB0441].mkv
DOWNLOAD SD: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_Plus_-_04_[XviD][C3F0E02A].avi