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"Gokujo" Anime Premiere's Sudden Cancellation Results in Fan Confusion, Sadfaces

The anime adapation of Maya Miyazaki's Gokujo ~Gokurakuin Joshikouryou Monogatari~ (roughly "Gokujo ~Tales from the Gokuraku Girls Dormitory") was supposed to premiere today during CTV's SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi ("SKE48's World Domination Girls"), but instead viewers were greeted with an apology (roughly translated below) from the censors:

Posted Image
"This is a round-about apology and explanation. CTV Program Censhorship (Somewhere in Japan)"

Posted Image
"Sorry, we can't broadcast Gokujo episode 1!!"

Posted Image
"Next week we plan to start from episode 2 (Note this is just a plan)."

So episode two might be shown next week? The official website has the synopsis of what was missed today, "Who's the one wearing no panties!?" Apparently Ai finds a pair of old lady undies. This, while Aya comes to the unfortunate realization that she's not wearing any underwear! She lures Konatsu into the health room and forcibly steals her panties. A chase ensues, but meanwhile Aya is spreading the rumor that the lame-o underwear Ai found belong to Konatsu...

This was all deemed so incredibly inappropriate it couldn't be shown at all. Next week's episode about a persistent case of the hiccups plaguing Aya seems like it should get a pass, but we'll have to wait and see.

Japanese TV is so screwed beyond all recognition if mild stuff like this is too much for television but stuff with 3DPD actors get through the censors without a hitch, if you ask me.

Credited By: Crunchyroll.com