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Ai Sp@ce - Closing Door on June 30th

It is a sad day for us at Anime Toshokan as we've just found out the news regarding one of the best anime/video game community games ever made is deciding to close it's doors for good to the Japanese public and to the world. Ai Sp@ce, Japan's innovative take on the visual novel/community game genre is shutting down it's services for good as of June 30th (20:00). Ai Sp@ce combines 3 of the best well-known visual novel games (Clannad, Shuffle!, & Da Capo) and puts them into a online community world where you as the player can interact with other people, watch video streams ingame provided by Nico Nico Douga, participate in a storyline that revolves around a water gun fighting system, collect items officially endorsed from other game & anime franchises (Koihime Musou, Milky Holmes, Angel Beats, Touhou, Little Busters, AIR, Kanon, Hatsune Miku, Hidan no Aria, & much more), and even as to decorate your own room and Charadoll.

Ai Sp@ce went into service in 2008 and has been up and running till now. As to why the Ai Sp@ce Production Committee decided to shut the service down, it is unknown to us. With Summer coming, we would have thought that things would pick up. If anyone can find out more info regarding this, please inform us. Anime Toshokan wanted to make a subsidiary section dedicated to Ai Sp@ce but now with this news, that is going to be something we're going to have to drop although a fan section will probably be made in memorial to the good times we've all had at Ai Sp@ce. There are a few closing events leading up to the end of service. You'll certain that Anime Toshokan will be around for the final hours of Ai Sp@ce. Here are the last notices leading to the closing ceromony:

- May 24 (Tue) 17:00 Last updated (eg, billing services terminated)
- June 24 (Fri) 20:00 ai sp @ ce out of the last round to play with live actor Kanda Jewels
- June 30 (Thu) 20:00 End of Service

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Anime Toshokan would like to encourage anyone reading this whom ever thought about trying Ai Sp@ce but didn't due to the language barrier to give it a try now before it's too late.