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Aquapazza Release Date Changed

It's one thing to change a release date for the better good of having no competition upon release but this was a rather big mistake on Examu / Aquaplus part. The previously scheduled release date to the Aquaplus celebrated fighter "Aquapazza" has been changed from it's Jun 28th date.
As of right now, Aquapazza is scheduled to release on the new date of July 26th. This would have been fine and all since Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena was due to release one week or so after Aquapazza but in a recent news release from Famitsu magazine, Persona 4 Ultimate also went with a release date change in Japan and is now set to also be released on the same date as Aquapazza. How will this turn out for those waiting for Aquapazza? Who knows but I know that I'm more than disappointed by this.

On a side note, I want to apologize for the late news update on this and for the lack of news on our site. Life has taken its toll and Anime Toshokan is really hurting financially right now along with other personal problems.