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Exclusive - Email Exchange with EigoMANGA About Vanguard Princess US!

Hello once again everyone. It's not everyday that we at Anime Toshokan go out of our way to help find answers for someone else, let alone.......another community. Well, here's the short version of the story:

Recently, Anime Toshokan (namely Mikuru) has been lurking about at Shoryuken.com (SRK for short) at their Vanguard Princess thread. Within the topic, people have been wondering what has been the hold up with the latest version of Vanguard Princess titled "Vanguard Princess Prime" and with the supposed Xbox Live & Playstation Network version of Vanguard Princess 1.08 by US company "EigoMANGA". Well, acting as the proxy between the SRK VP community & EigoMANGA, I started out sending a simple email to the company and got a reply back from the company CEO "Austin Osueke". What was only supposed to have been only one simple email exchange suddenly turned into multiple exchanges.

So with that being said, here's your exclusive look at the email exchange about what's going on with Vanguard Princess US & Vanguard Princess Prime (Not much info on this but it's something):


Exchange #1

Mikuru//X: Hello! My name is Michael Anderson and I\'m sending an email concerning the progress with the localization of the Japanese doujin freeware game "Vanguard Princess" and if EigoManga is still working with Tomoaki Sugeno with getting the game on Xbox Live & Playstation Network.

Since news got out about EigoManga looking into importing Vanguard Princess for the US and because of the interview video on youtube where this was talked about at New York Comic-Con '11, the community at Shoryuken.com and myself have been estatic about if this will pull through. Since then, there has been no news or update as to if this is still happening and the community at SRK & myself are now starting having doubts about if this is still continuing. So I\'m sending this email on the behalf of those concerned people at the SRK forums and myself in order to get some clarification as to what is currently happening regarding this subject.

If there is any possible way that EigoManga could shed some light as to what is happening in regards to the localization of Vanguard Princess, it would really be a load off our shoulders as we'll know if we can keep waiting for this or we can move on to other things with all of these other fighting games coming out. Thank you so much for reading this email and I hope to hear something regarding this from you all soon. Thank you again.

Austin: Thanks for the email. We're still developing the game. We actually demonstrated the latest build at an anime convention in San Francisco this past weekend, 'Anime On Display'. We're showcasing the game at GDC 2012 in a few weeks in March.

Thanks for the support and we actually plan to send an email blast to our Vanguard Princess email subscribers to let them know about the latest developments.

Thanks again!

Exchange #2

Mikuru//X: Hiya Austin! Thanks for the reply for it was very well appreciated by myself and the community of people waiting for this game to be released at Shoryuken.com. I wanted to send another email because I wanted to ask a small favor. Is there by any chance that you can release any screenshots from the latest build of the Xbox (or PS3) version of Vanguard Princess Prime (if this is the version that's coming?) so that I could do a small article on it on my website & possibly submitting the article to Shoryuken.com as well? I'm sorry to ask this but as I've stated, the community there has some very anxious people awaiting this game so I was asked by the community there to see if I could possibly get some screen captures of the latest build. If it's not possible then that's fine. I'm only acting as the proxy for the group there. Thanks again for the last reply and hope to hear from you about this soon. Take care!

Austin: The gameplay is pretty much the same so we can send a couple of screenshots with English text.

Exchange #3

Mikuru//X: Hello! Got a small question. Is does the current build of VP that you're group is working the version in which that was supposed to have been released on PC in Japan by Sugeno-san which changed the game to Vanguard Princess Prime and include the one extra character that was shown at that time on this blog? If so, can provide screenshots of that character as well? I provided an art clip that was posted on Sugeno's blog as just show which one I'm talking about. I want to apologize for all the nitpicking about this but it's just so that I won't have to bother your company with such things anymore about this. As always, thanks for the help.

Austin: Our game isn't Vanguard Princess Prime and it doesn't contain the "New Character". If anything we want to introduce Vanguard Princess to a wider audience.

Exchange #4

Mikuru//X: Okay, I have another question in regards to my last email. Are there any plans in the air in regards to if the game will advance to Vanguard Princess Prime after the initial release or is this something that's going to be discussed after the release of EigoMANGA's version & after Sugeno actually releases Prime on the PC in Japan (which was supposed to have happened last year during Comiket 80 but never did)? I can understand that you want to introduce the game to a wider audience and I'm pretty sure you will achieve that in this case.

Also, I have another question in regards to the game visual aspects. It's already known by players of the game that the character "Luna" (Girl with guns) is only wearing a *cough*bandaid*cough* as opposed to underwear which shows when she does some attacks. My question is in reference to censorship as I'm sure this will probably come up by someone sooner or later if someone takes notice. Will EigoMANGA's release be a 100% conversion of the original Vanguard Princess or will there be some sort of censorship to some degree like with characters such as "Luna"?

Austin: Sorry for the late email. We've busy with projects and such. GDC is next week so we're gearing up for that.

Here are a few screenshot images we sent out on our recent press release:

Posted Image

Posted Image

For the most part, we did translation and fixed some of the technical bugs in the game.

Question (1):

> Okay, I have another question in regards to my last email. Are there any plans in the air in regards to if the game will advance to Vanguard Princess Prime after the initial release...

I don't know exactly when Vanguard Princess will be released from Sugeno's end. We do know from our team's collaboration with him is that the 311 Earthquake affected his town and it has subtantially delayed his work on Prime.

If it comes out let's say right around the same time our version comes out (which is inconceivable) we will go to work to port it like we are with 1.08 with his cooperation.

Our future plans for Vanguard Princess after our initial release would be to create a more robust game engine and create vectorized sprites of the original artwork. We want to incorporate better social gaming aspects into it.

Question (2):

> Will EigoMANGA's release be a 100% conversion of the original Vanguard Princess or will there be some sort of censorship to some degree like with characters such as "Luna"?

We did have to slightly modify one character and speed up some frames that had some explicit imagrey but for the most part, the game's subject matter didn't cause any red flags with our console partners. After our edits, we never recieved any issues from these guys; their engineers and business managers have them QA'ing the game for months alongside us.


With that being said, we'll probably get some more highlights as the development continues as Austin & EigoMANGA heads to the Game Developers Confrence 2012 next week to show off more Vanguard Princess to the media. Unfortunately, we're not an official media outlet or such so nor do I have the money to go so no......I won't be getting any news from there for you all. lol

Anime Toshokan will continue to follow the developments of the Vanguard Princess, EigoMANGA, & the whereabouts of Vanguard Princess Prime. Till next time you guys!


:: About Vanguard Princess ::

Vanguard Princess(ヴァンガードプリンセス Vangaado Purinsesu?), also known as Vanguard Princess: Senjin no Himegimi (ヴァンガードプリンセス 先陣の姫君) is a Japanese freewaredōjin2Dfighting game for Windows, developed by a single programmer and illustrator called Tomoaki Sugeno, nicknamed Suge9.[1] The game was released on June 26, 2009[2] and was created using Fighter Maker 2nd.[3] The latest version of the game is 1.08, released on January 14, 2011.[4]

- Excerpt from Wikipedia

Vanguard Princess ver 1.08 is free to download by clicking HERE (Thanks goes out to Mizuumi.net for hosting the game on their server for the english community)