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GTSouth League #1 - Super Street Fighter IV Ver 2012 Final Results

I'm late getting this out so please excuse me on this. Anyway, on Friday (Dec 16, 2011), the final league night at GTSouth has concluded and the winners have been decided. Just to give everyone a runback on what this is about, GTSouth is a game store in the Montgomery, AL area that is upmost by gamers and for the gamers - especially those within the fighting game community.

GTSouth hosted the league night event which has started back in September and has carried over the course of 4 months with a starting team of 7 (this was all that entered for this event). The teams consisted of 3 members each and everyone one of them came from various parts of Alabama (Montgomery, Aurburn, Selma, Pratville, Clanton, & Dothan). The league game for this season was none other than Capcoms "Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition" with Version 2012 being the final version played in the final night of the event. In this event, each team paid an entry fee and each 2 weeks when the matches are played the teams paid a contest fee in which all of this money at the end of the season acted as the winners pot for both 1st & 2nd place winners. It's been a long road and have seen many come and go due to the level of play following the course of the event. Friendships have been made and feelings have been hurt but in the end, to the victors goes the spoils and bragging rights. Below are the final results & statistics of the event:

Posted Image

Yes, even Anime Toshokan's very own Mikuru//X was a participant in this event and yes, I did bad in my book - even though some might think it's not - coming from a person whom plays fighting games a lot, that is hella bad. Here's a breakdown of how to read the this chart:

Points Won - The points acted as placement ranking for the final match. The higher the points, the higher placement your team is placed in the gauntlet in the final night.

Everything else is self-explanatory so no need to go into details about it. Congratulations to everyone whom participated and hope to see you all next season as the next game will be:


Posted Image


Our team came in dead last, but we had our moments. Practicing with Sgt. Slaughter for the league in February.
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