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Playstation Vita Ships Today, Fighter's Club Online, & Person 4 Ultimate News

It's really not news at all but to those whom are not informed about this at all or just been living under a rock this whole time, Sony's new handheld portable system called the "PS Vita" ships today in 2 formats. The WiFi only version ships at a price of $249 while the 3G + WiFi version ships at the price of $299. The 3G data plans are all hosted by AT&T so have fun with that you guys.

In other news, this is just hot off the presses but Korean online gaming host "Kill3r Combo" has just announced that they have indeed acquired the rights and license for the online fighting game "Fighter's Club Online". KC plans to show the game off at this years Game Developers Conference 2012 (or GDC2012 for short) next month. KIll3r Combo currently hosts the NA version of the online action RPG/Fighting game "Elsword Online" so if you've not tried this game out, give it a whirl.....it's a fun game.

Also, Japanese game developer "Atlus", makers of the acclaimed "Shin Megami Tensei" & "Persona" franchise has just announced through a press release that it plans to release their new fighting game "Persona 4 Ultimate: Battle in Mayonaka Arena" in the United States this summer under the title "Persona 4 Arena". This coincides as a simultaneous release along with the Japanese version of the game which is also slated for a summer release while the arcade version is due out this spring. Speculations on a release date is hinted at August 7th, as some reports have been coming out that Gamestop has a release date in their system and is currently taking pre-orders. The game will be released for the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3.

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Also a short reminder, the demo to EA's upcoming snowboarding racing game "SSX" has a demo and it's been released on Xbox Live & Playstation Network. All we can say is get off your tail and download the demo or better yet, buy the frickin game when it's released next week.......it's awesome!!

News Credited to: mmosite.com / Shoryuken.com / Atlus USA Press Release