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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online - NA CBT Starts!

All of you Gundam fans out there will be pleased to hear that the SD Gundam Capsule Fighters Online is coming to North America and has officially started it's Closed Beta testing as of yesterday. The sad thing about this is......it's hosted by the people at OGPlanet.

SDGO is a 3rd-Person Shooter MMO where you play as your favorite gundams in SD form. Either by doing missions or shooting the socks off your friends in the PVP arenas, it's all Gundam that you might have ever wanted in a online game. The learning curve is low so it's easy to pick up and play. As of now, there are no more entries to get in CBT. There might be another CBT phase or it will go into Open Beta afterwards, we don't know cause OGPlanet isn't saying.

Stay tuned as we get more info and probably show some videos from the game. Because Mikuru was already a member of OGPlanet, he's already in the beta but we couldn't post about it due to not knowing till the last minute (Mikuru doesn't seem to like OGPlanet along with Alaplaya.....understandable).

You can talk about the game to your hearts content on our forums or you can follow the draconian rules of OGPlanet and discuss things on their forums. Be advised that you can't talk about future content on their site until they release news about it (which stupid and sucks all at once): CLICK HERE FOR OGPLANET'S FORUMS!