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Mahou Sensei Negima Ends After 9 Years

Almost a decade ago, Akamatsu Ken (author of best selling manga title "Love Hina" & "A.I. no Tomoranai") started a new manga series about a boy whom was a magi in training whom was following the example lead by his father. This boy soon started his training and was sent to an all-girls school at an academy known as "Mahora". Who would have known that this would be the started of what has become one of the biggest manga franchises of today.....surpassing even Akamatsu-san's very own Love Hina!?

In 2003, Negima became the next story created by Akamatsu-san after completing his smash hit "Love Hina" and since then, it has gained popularity so much that it has spawned 2 anime TV series, 2 OVAs, 2 OAD (Original Animation Disc), & 1 movie finale (this served as an alternate ending to the manga series). Along with this, Negima has amassed tons of music CDs from all of the animated works as well as drama CDs. Popularity of this franchise has always been high due to the comedy, action, drama, fanservice, and most importantly, the story. This is why that after 9 years, it's extremely sad to see the curtain fall upon this series and that it's time to say goodbye to Negi, Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna, Eva, & all of the others from Class 3-A whom we all grown to love throughout the years.

With that being said, it will be a while before the US edition of this series by Kodokawa Manga (formally known as Del-Ray Manga) reaches this point although it's getting close so if you want to spoil yourself and read the finale, you can head over to Red Hawk Scans and read it on their site. Red Hawk Scans is a fan scanlation group whom has been translating the manga as of last year, picking up the last few chapters up to the end of the series. Negima has been bounced all over by many scanlation groups which started from Aquastar Fansubs and was later done by independant people who then were recruited by Red Hawk Scans (although we know there are quite a bit more people and groups that did this series but these are the well-known ones who translated this series into english). Hopefully, we can get a small brief interview from the guys at Red Hawk Scans about their journey into doing the remaining chapters for this series.

Click HERE to go to Red Hawk Scans website