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Soba-Scans October Update

The people at Soba-Scans has just released an update notice pertaining to their work status for the month of October. Those of you wondering about the status of the next chapter of Koimoku will be put at ease for the time being as they give a little update on that as well. The news goes as followed:

Howdy everyone, this is LD and I thought I’d do an update post for anyone out there who’s reading any of the series we work on.

Panzuriel is in a pretty busy time right now and may not have much time to work on things for a few more weeks. Since I review most of my scripts with him, it’s going to delay some of the scripts for a while, but I’ll be continuing to work on things in the meantime. This will affect some of our series, as I’ll explain:

For Velvet Kiss, we have our copy of Volume 3 and Ziggy is beginning to scan it. I have the scripts for the first two chapters but they’ll need review since there’s quite a lot of vague foreshadowing and this is the kind of series where any inaccuracies can really mess stuff up later. We know people are really awaiting this and we’re not trying to drop the ball on it. I’m a little uncertain about how we’ll pace the releases. There’s going to be a volume 4 but it won’t come out for another 7 or 8 months. Unless someone can find us a reliable source of Comic Vitaman raws, we’ll need to translate the volumes, so if we rush through it now then it’s going to be a very long wait. I guess we’ll see what happens!

A new Ring x Mama chapter is in editing and should be out within a week or so. That’s the last reviewed script but I’m planning on building up more to review once we get a chance.
Panzuriel recently finished the translation of The Secret Devil-chan chapter 6 and it’s in editing. We know people have been patiently waiting for this one and it’s a very good, funny chapter. It’s a series that takes a lot of time and effort to translate and edit, but it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

Makunouchi Deluxe is proceeding very well and you’ll see more coming pretty soon. Personally I’m really looking forward to translating the great conclusion and checking one series off the list.

I just finished the script for Koimoku Chapter 8 but there’s a few spots awaiting review as well, so that might delay it for a little bit. After that it’s off to FTH for editing, with a sigh of relief on my part since chapter 9 won’t be coming out until the end of November.

Rutta and Kodama is being translated by Yumeko and she’s working on chapter 2, last I checked.

Finally, Hana no Iro is a bit uncertain. It’s the project of one of our editors Nomine, and recently he’s been out of commission. When or if he’s able to return to editing, there are scripts waiting. If not then we’ll try and make sure it gets a new home, I suppose, but we’ll need to give it a little more time in any case.

We also have a few more doujinshi from Yumeko’s haul and they’re being worked on between everything else. Finally, there’s one additional series which we’re planning on starting as a joint project soon. I’m not entirely sure when it’s going to come out but I think people will enjoy it once it does.

So we hope that gives you a useful update if you’ve been checking the site for our new releases. We try not to push back too hard when people ask us for updates, but hopefully this gives a sense of all the stuff that’s going on at the moment.