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A-T Hosting Anime Friday's at GTSouth!

Jun 18 2012 05:44 PM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

It was bound to happen sooner or later but it's now here. Anime Toshokan has teamed up with the fine folks at GTSouth to bring you "Anime Friday's". What more can you ask for!?

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ComiPo! Version 1.80 Released

Mar 15 2012 07:00 AM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

Just about 9 hours ago, the developers at ComiPo! LLP has just announced on their facebook page that version 1.80 of the manga development program "ComiPo!" has been released. In this update, the following has been added in this version update:

:: Patch notes ::

## Supported: 'User 3D Data'

'Wavefront OBJ' and 'Metasequoia MQO' format 3D Model Data file can now be imported into and used with ComiPo!
  • There are conditions for the 3D Model Data files that can be loaded. See the following page for details. https://www.facebook...208195102528120
  • The loaded 3D Model Data file is converted to and saved as a ComiPo! exclusive 'CSU file.' CSU Files can be distributed.
  • Before using another party's 3D Model Data files, be sure to verify the copyright owner's licensing conditions.

## New Function: 'Overlay Eye Brow'

When the 'Overlay Eye Brow' option in the 'Change Face' dialog is enabled, the eyebrows can be expressed as "Manga-Esque."

## New Function: 'Comic Tweet'

Comic images can now be directly tweeted from ComiPo! to Twitter and Twitpic.

## New Function: 'Snap'

By saving selected layer in 'Snap Asset,' it can be easily reused laters by simply dragging and dropping from the list.

* Snap Assets are saved in the ComiPo! exclusive 'CPS File' format. CPS Files can be distributed.

## Expanded: Plural Layers Editing

  • When multiple layers are selected, the entirety can be moved, resized, or rotated.
  • With pressing [Ctrl] key, contents are also resized or rotated when resizeing or rotating a Panel or Balloon.

## Expanded: 'Export Image File'
  • Added 'PDF Format' type in 'File Format' setting.
  • Added 'Selected Layers' option in 'Exporting Area' setting.

## Expanded: Copy and Paste

Between ComiPo! and other applications, you can Copy and Paste each other.

## Other New Functions and Assets:

  • Added new many parts and colors to 'Character Creation'.
  • Added new many expressions to 'Change Face'.
  • Added new 3D Items:Marker Pen (Black, No Cap), Marker Pen (Red, No Cap), Juice (PET bottle, Open), Spoon, and Table Knife.
  • You can attach 3D Items to the head and feet of your characters.
  • Using 'Numerical Setting', you can set the detailed position, size and angle of layers.
  • Convenient 'Edit Text' window.
  • 'Auto Backup' will save your editing comics form unexpected toubles of your PC.
  • 'Print' function.
...and many other improvements.


Please keep in mind that these updates are only available to people whom are registered users and have bought the program. If you haven't bought the program and registered, you will be unable to get this update. Also, while we haven't covered it, Bonus Content packs #3 & #4 were released and with them comes the following:

:: Bonus Content Vol.3 ::

  • - diploma case
05.Food & Drink_2
  • - Beer Bottle (with Cap)
  • - Beer Bottle
  • - Beer Mug (Poured)
  • - Beer Mug
  • - Bonbori (JPN.Paper Table Lanp)
  • - Decorative Paper Ball (Closed)
  • - Decorative Paper Ball (Open)
  • - Hina Doll (Female)
  • - Hina Doll (Male)
  • - Hina Doll Set
  • - Hishimochi (Diamond-shaped Rice Cake)
:: Bonus Content Vol.4 ::

  • - Hamster_01
  • - Hamster_02
  • - Hamster_03
  • - Hamster_04
  • - Hamster_05
  • - Hamster_06
  • - Hamster Food
  • - Hamster Feeder(Empty)
  • - Hamster Feeder
  • - Hamster Wheel
  • - Hamster & Wheel
49.Mysterious Animals
  • - Frog Kerotan_01
  • - Frog Kerotan_02
  • - Frog Kerotan_03
  • - Frog Kerotan_04
  • - Frog Kerotan_05
  • - Frog Kerotan_06
  • - Frog Kerotan_07
  • - Frog Kerotan_08
  • - Frog Kerotan_09
  • - Frog Kerotan_10
  • - Frog Kerotan_11

All of these bonus packs can be downloaded off the ComiPo! website or here (They have not been added yet so we'll get around to doing so very soon).

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Chinese "XuYouJi" Rips Off Gundam SEED...

Jan 16 2012 08:29 PM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

Sometimes, mere words cannot describe the sheer audacity with which China liberally takes concepts from Japanese anime and mutates them together, oftentimes making direct copies of other series, or worse yet making the end result super creepy.

The latest in such Chinese efforts is XiYouJi, which takes elements from Gundam SEED and Evangelion to make....well see for yourself below (or start at 2:28 for maximum brain damage).


Okay, I couldn't stomach 30 seconds of this video. It's that bad guys.....and a complete mind fuck! This is 100% pure unadulturated China quality we're seeing here folks!

Credited by: Crunchyroll.com

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Mario & Luigi Drives Through Tokyo

Nov 14 2011 12:14 AM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

Okay, it's not everyday you see some weird or cool stuff going on in the city but I wished this type of advertising happened in our side of the states or country for that matter. Two guys dressed up as Mario & Luigi were spotted driving around tokyo in real-life sized karts like the ones they drive in "Super Mario Kart". Reports have it that there were a total of 4 but we only get a glimpse of two in this video.

The group are part of an advertising agency company that was, at the time, advertising for Yamamoto Mimikakiten - a chain of shops that offer to clean ears while customers rests their heads on the employees' laps. The quartet were spotted in various areas from the shopping area of Shibuya, the otaku haven Akihabara, and the streets near Waseda University. This seems like something fun to watch or do if you're in this kind of business, if you ask us. Oh well, chop this as another title of employment for the plumber brothers.

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ComiPo! Update - Version 1.27.01 Released

Oct 31 2011 03:30 PM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

Web Technologies has just released a very "minor" update for their drag-and-drop manga made easy program ComiPo! as of today. Here are the official notes as to what this update entails by Web Technologies:

- Fixed Problem related to Windows regional settings

Yep, that's all for this update. We still have no clue or indication as to when the costume pack updates will roll in. It was originally stated that new content updates would roll out in mid-October but seeing as this is the final day of the month, that isn't happening. We'll give you more info as the news rolls in as we get it. Keep in mind that this update is only for those whom purchased the program.

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ComiPo! (English ver) Released & ComiPo...

Sep 25 2011 11:00 PM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

Kinda late on this but now is a good time than never......

Have you ever thought about making a web manga / comic but don't know how to draw or just plain suck at it? Got stories in your head but no one to help draw them out for you and bring them to life? Well, take heed as ComiPo! is here to help with your needs. Released on Sept 16th, ComiPo! is finally released in English for the people whom always wanted to design web manga but don't have that artistic talent to do so. ComiPo! is a WYSIWYG web manga creator that uses 3D models and either 2D or 3D backgrounds to help people bring out the stories they've always wanted to create....just drag and drop the items onto the screen and you're done. Because of this, Anime Toshokan has also jumped on the ComiPo! bandwagon and has started to develop our own web comic. It's fun, easy to use, and takes only seconds to whip something together but hours to develop detailed manga with the program.

In other ComiPo! news, Web Technologies has also released a 100-page Perfect Guide (English & Korean) for people to use and learn all sorts of beginner techniques with ComiPo!.

ComiPo! is now on sale from their official website or CrunchyRoll for $49.95. The ComiPo! 100-Page Perfect Guide is on sale for $9.95. Keep in mind that the Perfect Guide is only readable online due to Web Technologies concerns over illegal distribution of the guide if sold in a offline version. You can, however, print the pages out but be sure to have lots of printer ink ready. Maybe if they get enough feedback, they'll probably make a print version......just like the one that was made in Japan.


Click here to go to the official ComiPo! English version page. Click here for info on the 100-page Perfect Guide.

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Ishihara - Trolling Govenor At It Again!

Jan 28 2011 12:00 AM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

Tokyo governor and manga ban proponent Shintaro Ishihara has been ranting about how young people today have no culture as a result of the pernicious influence of computers, TV and mobile phones.

Ishihara’s latest televised remarks included such gems as the following:

“The three things which ruined young people are mobile phones, TV and PCs…

With these, young people can obtain vast amounts of information. But there’s no ‘substance’ to any of this. It’s not real ‘culture’ at all.”

Little wonder he is trying to destroy Japan’s anime and manga industry; presumably he would rather young people be off reading one of his fine rape novels.

Of course, that young people are not satisfactory to their elders has been the major complaint of less intelligent elderly for thousands of years, so in this respect Ishihara is merely demonstrating that his own education was sadly deficient in correcting this trend…

Yes people, IShit-hara is definitely at it again with these crackpot statements. Makes little wonder as to why the Japanese otaku community haven't started protesting against him like those guys who are protesting against the the president in Egypt. Oh well....if you ask me, this guys is just about on the same wavelength as Aya Hirano and her annoyingly spasmatic twitter posting.

Source: Sankaku Complex

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A Certain Magical Ikamusume-tan

Jan 24 2011 12:00 AM | Mikuru // X in Randomness

Posted Image

A quasi-official Index/Ika-musume (“Ikadex”) invasion parody has lately been charming and befuddling fans of both series in equal measure.


The producers apologise for not bothering to include “My little Misaka imouto can’t be this cute!” material, although the nopan Saten scene probably makes up for it.

Source: Sankaku Complex

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