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ComiPo! Version 1.80 Released

Just about 9 hours ago, the developers at ComiPo! LLP has just announced on their facebook page that version 1.80 of the manga development program "ComiPo!" has been released. In this update, the following has been added in this version update:

:: Patch notes ::

## Supported: 'User 3D Data'

'Wavefront OBJ' and 'Metasequoia MQO' format 3D Model Data file can now be imported into and used with ComiPo!
  • There are conditions for the 3D Model Data files that can be loaded. See the following page for details. https://www.facebook...208195102528120
  • The loaded 3D Model Data file is converted to and saved as a ComiPo! exclusive 'CSU file.' CSU Files can be distributed.
  • Before using another party's 3D Model Data files, be sure to verify the copyright owner's licensing conditions.

## New Function: 'Overlay Eye Brow'

When the 'Overlay Eye Brow' option in the 'Change Face' dialog is enabled, the eyebrows can be expressed as "Manga-Esque."

## New Function: 'Comic Tweet'

Comic images can now be directly tweeted from ComiPo! to Twitter and Twitpic.

## New Function: 'Snap'

By saving selected layer in 'Snap Asset,' it can be easily reused laters by simply dragging and dropping from the list.

* Snap Assets are saved in the ComiPo! exclusive 'CPS File' format. CPS Files can be distributed.

## Expanded: Plural Layers Editing

  • When multiple layers are selected, the entirety can be moved, resized, or rotated.
  • With pressing [Ctrl] key, contents are also resized or rotated when resizeing or rotating a Panel or Balloon.

## Expanded: 'Export Image File'
  • Added 'PDF Format' type in 'File Format' setting.
  • Added 'Selected Layers' option in 'Exporting Area' setting.

## Expanded: Copy and Paste

Between ComiPo! and other applications, you can Copy and Paste each other.

## Other New Functions and Assets:

  • Added new many parts and colors to 'Character Creation'.
  • Added new many expressions to 'Change Face'.
  • Added new 3D Items:Marker Pen (Black, No Cap), Marker Pen (Red, No Cap), Juice (PET bottle, Open), Spoon, and Table Knife.
  • You can attach 3D Items to the head and feet of your characters.
  • Using 'Numerical Setting', you can set the detailed position, size and angle of layers.
  • Convenient 'Edit Text' window.
  • 'Auto Backup' will save your editing comics form unexpected toubles of your PC.
  • 'Print' function.
...and many other improvements.


Please keep in mind that these updates are only available to people whom are registered users and have bought the program. If you haven't bought the program and registered, you will be unable to get this update. Also, while we haven't covered it, Bonus Content packs #3 & #4 were released and with them comes the following:

:: Bonus Content Vol.3 ::

  • - diploma case
05.Food & Drink_2
  • - Beer Bottle (with Cap)
  • - Beer Bottle
  • - Beer Mug (Poured)
  • - Beer Mug
  • - Bonbori (JPN.Paper Table Lanp)
  • - Decorative Paper Ball (Closed)
  • - Decorative Paper Ball (Open)
  • - Hina Doll (Female)
  • - Hina Doll (Male)
  • - Hina Doll Set
  • - Hishimochi (Diamond-shaped Rice Cake)
:: Bonus Content Vol.4 ::

  • - Hamster_01
  • - Hamster_02
  • - Hamster_03
  • - Hamster_04
  • - Hamster_05
  • - Hamster_06
  • - Hamster Food
  • - Hamster Feeder(Empty)
  • - Hamster Feeder
  • - Hamster Wheel
  • - Hamster & Wheel
49.Mysterious Animals
  • - Frog Kerotan_01
  • - Frog Kerotan_02
  • - Frog Kerotan_03
  • - Frog Kerotan_04
  • - Frog Kerotan_05
  • - Frog Kerotan_06
  • - Frog Kerotan_07
  • - Frog Kerotan_08
  • - Frog Kerotan_09
  • - Frog Kerotan_10
  • - Frog Kerotan_11

All of these bonus packs can be downloaded off the ComiPo! website or here (They have not been added yet so we'll get around to doing so very soon).