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Ishihara - Trolling Govenor At It Again!

Tokyo governor and manga ban proponent Shintaro Ishihara has been ranting about how young people today have no culture as a result of the pernicious influence of computers, TV and mobile phones.

Ishihara’s latest televised remarks included such gems as the following:

“The three things which ruined young people are mobile phones, TV and PCs…

With these, young people can obtain vast amounts of information. But there’s no ‘substance’ to any of this. It’s not real ‘culture’ at all.”

Little wonder he is trying to destroy Japan’s anime and manga industry; presumably he would rather young people be off reading one of his fine rape novels.

Of course, that young people are not satisfactory to their elders has been the major complaint of less intelligent elderly for thousands of years, so in this respect Ishihara is merely demonstrating that his own education was sadly deficient in correcting this trend…

Yes people, IShit-hara is definitely at it again with these crackpot statements. Makes little wonder as to why the Japanese otaku community haven't started protesting against him like those guys who are protesting against the the president in Egypt. Oh well....if you ask me, this guys is just about on the same wavelength as Aya Hirano and her annoyingly spasmatic twitter posting.

Source: Sankaku Complex