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Anime Toshokan Needs Help!

With sudden changes in my life, things have take a turn for the worst and as it has happened, I'm unable to pay for our site hosting for another year. In short, Anime Toshokan Inc. is now in dire trouble of being taken off the internet.
As you may or may not know, I've managed to keep Anime Toshokan Inc. afloat for 12 years now (this is only counting the time where we've managed to get our own domain name). Our hosting company, Globat.com, gives us all we need in terms of unlimited space & bandwidth for no more than $110/yr. This has been paid every year out of my own pocket with no help from anyone. Unfortunately, with the sudden changes in my life and the fact that I lost my weekly paying job last year, I'm unable to pay the hosting on this site which is due next month so I'm calling for help in terms of donations.

Any little bit will help, if we can meet our deadline then we can stay afloat for another year and it gives me more than enough time to try and find another weekly paying job to help maintain this site for years to come. We are one of the oldest and longest running anime groups in Alabama, USA and personally I would hate to see my dream project disappear and lose all 10+ years of unlimited space/bandwidth I've managed to get from Globat. Please, have a heart and help Anime Toshokan stay afloat by making a small donation ($5 at best). If you know friends whom can help, bring them along. As the founder and main operator of this site, I thank you all.

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