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:: About Anime Toshokan Inc. ::

Anime Toshokan Inc. is a fan driven community website with the goal of helping spread all things dealing with Japanese anime, gaming, & pop culture that has been online for over 18 years (under various other names during transitions).

:: History of Anime Toshokan Inc. ::

Anime Toshokan Inc. started out as a personal anime fansite years ago in 1998 by it's creator Michael Anderson (Mikuru//X) during his junior year of high school. Back then, the site was titled "Katsuhiko Jinnai's Humble Anime Home"; back which the site was mostly focused on all things related to the anime series El-Hazard: The Magnificent World. Around that time, the site and it's various pages were hosted on multiple free web hosting sites such as Homestead, Geocities, Tripod, Xoom, & Talkcity (back in them days, they all had free homepage services but are now either gone or made into paid web hosting services). With an ambition to make a site where fans can come together and bring content to other fans, the site continued to grow until it eventually incorperated 2 anime titles under which it will be a fan site for - Battle Athletes & Tenchi Muyo.All 3 anime titles were from the anime company AIC (Anime International Company). In early 2000, Michael left for the military and the site was abandoned before anymore updates and changes could be made until the Summer of the same year. Upon returning from the US ARMY basic training, new ideas were formed and the site name was changed to "AIC World".

With advancements in web designing since the site hiatus, more content & services were added to AIC World such as streaming music (thanks to services like Live365 which has also gone to being a full paid service). After the events of 9/11/2001, Michael was deployed overseas and the site went on hiatus again for 9 months. During that time and with limited internet access, plans to reconstruct the site began and with the thought of talking about all things anime and bringing in things related to video games, the site went through another name change and that name stays with the site to this day - Anime Toshokan Inc..

As part of Michael's A.G.E.S. Project (Anime & Games Entertainment Service), new staff was brought on due to interest in such things as Japanese doujin games & Stepmania. At that time, Anime Toshokan have done things which can't be changed in its past such as illegal downloads of game software & anime fansubbing to some positive things such as Stepmania simfile & theme creations, it brought us an audience that was rather diverse at best but nontheless, a good one. In 2010 after all the buzz over Dance Dance Revolution & Stepmania have long died out, it was decided that Anime Toshokan would cease all illegal activities and focus more on trying to build a community that educates and inspires people to be creative in in things such as manga drawing, 3D art, game development, & many more.

Because of the drastic changes, it has made our community leave and site still stands to this day with only its founder and a handful of admins (in chat) still at the helm.

:: About the Founder of Anime Toshokan Inc. ::

Founder & Owner of Anime Toshokan: Michael Anderson Name: M.Anderson
Age: 36 (as of Mar 27, 2017)
Nationality: Mixed American
Born: Alabama, USA
Site Occupation: Founder & Owner of Anime Toshokan Inc.
Hobbies: Watching Anime, Gaming, Streaming, Web Design
Likes: Having Fun & being carefree
Dislikes: Failing, Laziness

:: Current Staff of Anime Toshokan ::

Mikuru//X: Founder & Owner of Anime Toshokan Inc. / Web Designer / Web Programmer / Reviewer / Editor (1998 - present)
Akadai Shirou: Discord Channel Admin / A-T Gaming Guild Leader / 3D Modeler (2002 - present)
Shinobu Maehara / ToFuMaN: Discord Channel Admin / Advisor (2002 - present)
Lintor: Discord Channel Admin (2003 - present)
Hikage: Discord Channel Admin (2003 - present)
Razzee: Anime Toshokan News Reporter (2016 - present)

:: Anime Toshokan Staff Almuni ::

Beeperfect / Otaru Mamiya: Co-Founder of Anime Toshokan Inc. (Team JAOS & AIC World Era / 1998 - 2002)
Kevin Video / Akari Kanzaki: Co-Founder of Anime Toshokan Inc. (Team JAOS & AIC World Era / 1999 - 2002)
Yuuichi Aizawa: Site Programmer (Anime Toshokan Inc. Era / 2002 - 2010)
Xatnys: Anime Toshokan Stepmania Specialist / Graphic Designer / mIRC Channel Admin (Anime Toshokan Inc. Era / 2002 - 2015)
Makoto: mIRC Channel Moderator / Anime Toshokan Stepmania Specialist (2003 - 2007)

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