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Otaku Penguin "Grape-kun" Passes Away

It comes with a heavy heart to report that "Grape-kun", the otaku Humboldt penguin that made headlines after showing affection to a cutout standee of Hululu from the anime series "Kemono Friends", has passed away. Grape-kun was 21 years old.

Reports of his passing came from a twitter post from the staff of the Tobu Zoo - the home of Grape-kun:
"Grape-kun the Humbodt penguin passed away yesterday. We would like to thank everyone for supporting him. And Hululu, thank you for watching over him to the very end. And Grape-kun, thank you for a long time together. Rest in peace in Heaven."

There were plans to throw a "Fall Grape Festival" on the November 11th & 25th that would allow visitors to celebrate Grape-kun and his love for Hululu. There has been no word from the Tobu Zoo staff as to if they any new plans for those dates. Two days prior to his passing, Grape-kun and Hululu were removed from the penguin pen after his zookeepers found him to be in poor health.
The story of Grape-kun gained international attention after he displayed signs of love and affection towards the Kemono Friends character standee of Hululu. The cutout standee was on display at the Tobu Zoo as part of a collaboration event with the Kemono Friends anime series that was airing at that time where various animal pens had a cutout standee on display representing that animal. The Kemono Friends event happened during April 2017.

Hululu's cutout became a permanent fixture of Grape-kun's penguin pen at the Tobu Zoo after fans, as well as Hululu's seiyuu (pictured above), expressed their love Grape-kun's cute displays of affection. During a typhoon, the pair was separated briefly but during his final moments, the Tobu Zoo staff reassured fans that they were together till the end.
Since then, fans have been sharing their condolences & thanking Grape-kun for giving them happy memories which also comes with a flood of fanart:

Rest in Peace, Grape-kun! T_T

Source: Goboiano, Anime News Network, Crunchyroll

Date a Live Season 3 Announced!

Some minutes ago Koushi Tachibana, Date a Live's original creator, announced through his Twitter account that a new season is being produced.
Date a Live first season aired from April 2013 to Jun 2013, and its sequel arrived in the same period of the following year.
In 2015 the movie "Mayuri Judgement" hit the screens. 
After more than two years without any Date a Live animation, we got surprised again. Looking forward to it.

Gameplay de GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match é revelado durante live-stream

GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match é um título anunciado pela Bandai-Namco em Julho deste ano para a plataforma PlayStation 4, com data de lançamento estimada para o inverno japonês. Não é o primeiro jogo da franquia. No ano de 2014 o PS Vita recebeu GIRLS und PANZER: Sensha-do Kiwamemasu!, que por sinal não foi muito popular no ocidente desde que foi lançado apenas em solo japonês com suporte ao idioma local. Enquanto o primeiro título aborda a história do anime de mesmo nome, o pouco que se sabe até o momento é que o modo história de Dream Tank Match tem como base o filme GIRLS und PANZER der Film, e por isso pode-se dizer que se trata de uma continuação. Desta vez o jogo contará com uma versão específica para a região da Ásia (tanto em formato digital quanto físico) com legendas em Inglês, o que se acredita ser a forma com que o desenvolvedor avaliará a recepção do jogo no ocidente.
Há cerca de uma semana foi anunciada uma sessão live-stream marcada para o dia de hoje, a qual foi transmitida entre as 08:00 e 09:00 da noite (Japan Standard Time).

Dentre o que foi apresentado, tivemos a oportunidade de assistir a 17 minutos de gameplay em tempo real.

23/09 Stream Highlights - GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match

Como informado anteriormente, a live-stream de GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match foi transmitida através dos canais da Bandai-Namco nas plataformas Youtube e NicoNico. Houve demonstração de gameplay, as seiyuus desenhando, entre outros.
Quem não conseguiu acompanhar pode re-assistir pelo Youtube, já que o conteúdo foi salvo. 


Tokimeki Idol Smartphone Game Announced

It has been announced by Konami Digital Entertainment on Friday that they will be releasing a new smartphone game titled "Tokimeki Idol". This game is a spin-off to the Tokimeki Memorial visual dating sim series which was also developed by Konami that started out back in 1994 and has not been seen since back in 2014. Konami opened a new teaser website with a video giving fans a closer look at the game.
Tokimeki Idol is a idol communication game where you'll be living with the games 15 female idols whom are part of a music institute to help them achieve their goal & dreams.

The game will be a free-2-play game for iOS & Android mobile devices which will come with microtransaction purchases. The game will also sport a "VR" mode for compatible devices for smartphones & tablets.

This new development for the TokiMemo series is built on the concept of gaining a “Tokimeki” (Heartbeat Memorial) from spending your everyday with the girls who are aiming to become idols.
Tokimeki Idol marks the return of Konami's Tokimeki Memorial romance sim series. From its initial release back in 1994, Tokimeki Memorial has spawned many  game sequels, spin-offs, & adaptations from its original video anime back in 1999 & 2009, a 2006 anime TV series (Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~) which was based on the Tokimeki Memorial online game which was also released in that same year, & many more from drama CDs & soundtracks. No game within the Tokimeki Memorial series has ever been officially translated for the western market although it is argued that Brooktown High, another one of Konami's games released for the Playstation Portable back in 2007, was heavily inspired by Tokimeki Memorial and was considered Konami's way of bringing the series over to the western market......not in the way fans would have wanted though as the game was heavily panned as a horrible game.
Reporter Rant: Okay seriously......this game is looking too much like The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. Honestly, I think I can let one out now......FUCK KONAMI for ruining yet another favorite franchise by making it a mobile monetization smartphone game!! #FUCKKONAMI
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