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Anime Toshokan IRC Channel Closes

It's with deep regret that as of March 9, 2017, Anime Toshokan Inc. will officially close down our IRC channel on Rizon. We say this because it has been a staple within Anime Toshokan dating back to when our site was originally called "AIC World" and because of the long history it has with our group. This decision was made due to the inactivity of the channel and because most of the A-T IRC staff has jumped ship to our Discord channels.

Anime Toshokan currently has 2 Discord groups which are operated by Mikuru//X & Akadai Shirou (both operate one each). One deals with the A-T group as a whole and the other deals with the A-T gaming guild. For those of you whom been with us for all of these years, thank you so very much for the memories and good times (and bad) we've had. If you would like to meet us on Discord, please click here: https://discord.gg/hQARJ6a

Queen's Blade Unlimited Anime Announced

The official website for Queen's Blade opened a website for a new mixed-media project titled Queen's Blade Unlimited on Friday. The project will include a new anime and figure tied to a new story.
Shinya Oosaki (Tokyo Necro) of Unknown Games is redesigning the characters, including those in the visual on the right, with the theme ""coolness and sex appeal." The website teases "new battles" for "18 beautiful warriors."
The first Queen's Blade anime adapting Hobby Japan's combat picture book series based on the Lost Worlds game premiered back in 2009. the franchise has since inspired two additional television anime and multiple original video anime (OVA), manga, and novels. Media Blasters released the first two anime series in North America and Sentai Filmworks released the third series and the Queen's Blade: Beautiful Warriors OVA.
Source: Hachima Kiko

Singer Luna Haruna To Perform At Anime Weekend Atlanta

An official announcement from Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) has come out with the convention announcing on Friday that singer Luna Haruna will be attending the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention this year. Haruna will be performing a full concert and participate in a panel.
Haruna was a finalist at the 4th Animax Anison Grand Prix in 2011. Her debute single "Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau" in 2012 served as the ending theme song for the second season of Fate/Zero. She has since performed theme songs for Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online II, Monogatari Series Second Season, High School Fleet, and Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. She also performed the theme song for the Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization video game. She released her first album OVERSKY in August 2013, and released her second album Candy Lips in March 2015. She will release the SxW EP mini album on February 22.
Haruna is also set to perform at Hawaii's Kawaii Kon in April. She performed at Anime Expo's Anisong World Matsuri ~Japan Super Live~ event last July.
AWA will be held on September 28 through October 1 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Galeria in Atlanta, GA.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Second Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay

Marvelous Entertainment has just released their second official trailer to latest entry into the Senran Kagura series titled "Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash", a all-girl water gun action third person shooter.
The video highlights all the girls in the current game roster while showing off gameplay of the girls using various weapons such as the pistol, shotgun, bottle rocket launcher, mini-gun, sniper gun, and much more. The video also shows the various cards that can be obtained through the games card system which can range from abilities, costumes, and buffs.
Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is set to release on the Sony Playstation 4 on March 16th in Japan with multiple collectors editions. Plans are currently ongoing for its western and asian release, as well.
Source: Marvelous Entertainment

Anime Toshokan Mascots "Mikuru" & "Haruhi" Reintroduced

Over the years, Anime Toshokan has always had 2 or 3 mascots that represent the site. Back in 2010, we introduced these mascots in their first drawn version back when we had them designed at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Over the course of 5 years, their designs have changed (well, only one of them) and their redrawn looks are now complete. Mikuru & Haruhi are 2 of 3 main mascots for Anime Toshokan. They are the sites personification of its founder Mikuru//X and his close online friend & Rumble Fighter partner "Haruhi". 

Name: Mikuru
Nationality: American
Ethnic: Half African American / Half Thai
Age: 21
Born: September 20, 1996
Place of Birth: Alabama, USA
Hobbies: Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Web Design, Graphic Design, Playing Video Games (Fighting & MMORPGs mostly), Cooking, Sleeping (a little too much)
Favorite Foods: Mom's Thai Cooking, Sushi, Takoyaki, Grilled Corn, Fish (prefers Tilapia), Tiramisu, Coffee Based Products
Likes: Her friendly gaming rivalry with Haruhi, quiet places, trying new foods, going places, & other stuff?
Dislikes: Lazy/uncultured/disrespectful/closed minded people, the word that is not a word "Weeaboo",......that's all you're getting out of me.
Favorite Anime Series(s): Chobits, El-Hazard, Battle Athletes, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, Mamano Hunter Yohko
Mikuru's design has not changed since we've first introduced her back in 2010. Still sporting the eye patch, cat ears cap, & white coat, no one knows exactly what she likes to wear underneath it.....not ever her creator. What we do know is that she tends to be a very quiet person at most times but tends to do a complete 180 when she's at bars, gaming pubs, or anime conventions. Usually bored with everyday life as nothing particularly happens in her hometown so she spends everyday on her computer or iTab doing random things online.

Name: Haruhi
Nationality: American
Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: 20
Born: April 20, 1997
Place of Birth: USA (Haruhi has not stated)
Hobbies: ???
Favorite Foods: ???
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Favorite Anime Series(s): ???
Haruhi has went through a complete overhaul in her design. Her original design had her too close to resembling Haruhi from "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsuu" which is something we needed to avoid at all cost. Luckly, another one of our online friends from the online game "Rumble Fighter" came up with her current design but only from the head down to her chest. We had to make go with what we had and come up with the rest ourselves. Haruhi's profile is currently unknown because only Haruhi has that info as we'll wait to see what she wants to put down for her. The only reason Mikuru's profile is done is because she is based on our founder.
The redesign artwork was commissioned by Anime Toshokan to a online artist who goes by the name "LukisanHana" on Facebook. She has done an excellent job portraying our mascots the way we imagined them and for coming up with the rest of the body for Haruhi with absolutely nothing to fall back on. We really recommend you check her artwork out and see about getting commissions from Lukisan....tell them Anime Toshokan sent ya!!

LukisanHana Facebook Page: Click Here
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  • Gangsta - Episode 1 & 2

    The year is 2015 and the anime industry is currently rampant with anime reboots, new seasons, moeblobs, & ecchi fanbase shows and the Summer 2015 anime season is especially no exceptions with the likes of Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, Teekyuu (5th season), DragonBallZ Super, Ushio & Tora (reboot), Miss Monochrome 2nd Season, Working!!!, & so on. I mean, there are a few action & drama anime shows this season and Gangsta is one that is good to go into so that one can break away from the monotony of the current airing season.

    Gangsta is a new show this anime season which originated as a manga series that is written & illustrated by Kohske. It has been published since 2011 in Shinchosha's Monthly Comic @ Bunch magazine. The tale of Gangsta revolves around Worick Arcangelo & Nicolas Brown, two "handymen" who take on odd jobs for both the mob and the police that pretty much no one else will wants to do or handle in the town of Ergastulum. This town is pretty much filled to the brim with mafia, hoodlums, prostitutes, dirty cops.....you name it, this town has them. Episode one pretty much starts off slow with introducing the main three characters of show, the third being Alex Benedetto who starts off in the show as a prostitute who works for a gang that Worick & Nicolas sent to go after but in the end is spared her life by Worick and becomes their assistant. Of course, we may already know the reasons behind this as there might be some other "intentions" behind it....or maybe not but we'll just have to see as the show goes on. Keep in mind, I've never read the manga so I'm going in on this show blind to what is going to happen. Because of this, I found it weird at first when Nicolas never speak until we find out that he's "deaf as a doornail" but for some odd reason he's able to fight on par with people who can hear and use guns while we see he uses only his katana. As for Worick, he fights....a little and he does look like he'll be playing hooky a lot from time to time in this series.

     It isn't until the end of episode one where we can see just how frightening Nicolas is and by that I mean his strenght. It's not everyday you get your car kicked off two of its wheels, right?

    Okay, maybe it is. We just know not to piss this guy off. This flow of story progression continues at this pace as we go into episode two where Worick & Nicolas are visited by Nina, another character who will probably be popping up more frequently from now on, are given a job to help out the local area doctor and her boss, Dr.Theo. More characters are introduced and even the meaning of the dog tags that Nicolas wears is explained and even some of the shows antagonists are introduced (but not shown). Honestly, episode two is my favorite as of right now as the series goes into some rather light comedic moments but their a fun addition to this series that hangs on the premise of staying edgy with its theme thanks to the addition of Dr. Theo & Nina.

    I swear, the funny moments in this show are a not over the top but are always a welcome as long as they stay short & sweet. Oh and here's shirtless Worick for you all!!

    My thoughts on the show was that it "initially" I was going into a series that wanted to be something like Cowboy Bebop or better yet, Black Lagoon. Yeah, I know. Why does everything have to be like Cowboy Bebop or Black Lagoon!? Can you blame me for thinking this? I mean; with the current run of shows that we've been seeing as of late in the past few years each anime season, it's like shows like this are becoming rather rare where the author actually tries to put a story in that seems like events like these could be happening somewhere in today's world (outside of stupid strenght of Nicolas). At any rate, I Gangsta seems to have some staying qualities that will keep me wanting to watch it to see how things unfold and it's not like I actually drop shows early in its airing......unless it seems like it absolutely sucks, which this doesn't to me but that's just my opinion on the matter.

    And yeah, another reason I started watching is because of Alex. I mean, she's no Faye Valentine or Revy but for this current anime season lineup of girls, she's good on the eyes to watch. I'm hoping the show will continue at the pace at it's going but maybe that's some hopeful wishing on my part and maybe it will happen. I'm also hoping that the show doesn't try to go overboard with wanting to be too edgy with it's theme where things starts to get out of hand. I'll explain more on that as the show progresses.....maybe. But for now, just know that Gangsta is worth looking into this season, at least.

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