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Yuisy and Pmang to Close their S4 League Servers

About 4 hours ago, Yuisy officially announced the shutdown of its Latin American S4 League server. 
The scheduled date to leave everything to the past is April 30.
Original notice (freely translated):

Source: Yuisy
Since S4 League was their most rentable game, seeing Yuisy completely ceasing its services as a publisher anytime soon would be no surprise.
Update 31/01: Pmang's KRS4 was not spared as well. 
Original notice (Google translator + a few edits):
Source: Pmang
As expected, these two shutdown notices made most EU players to panic. Today Aeria has pronounced:
Source: Aeria Games
My personal guess on the matter is that an universal server involving all regions could have saved S4 League, since all the servers (except for S4LA's reported end of contract) that have closed until now did it, apparently, due to the lack of players and revenue.
South Korea (Pmang) - ★04/12/2007~†14/03/2018
Europe, North America (alaplaya) - ★2008~†2013
Thailand (PlayFPS) - ★01/12/2011~†15/12/2015
China (9buddy / WankaClub) - ★2012~†10/04/2015
Japan (Game On Studio) - ★06/2012~†28/08/2013
Indonesia (LytoGame) - ★27/09/2012~†07/2015
Latin America (Yuisy) - ★12/12/2013~†30/04/2018
Europe, North America (Aeria Games) - ★10/07/2014
Philippines (VALOFE) - ★09/06/2015~†29/07/2016

Lançamento Ocidental para METAL MAX Xeno Confirmado

Kadokawa Games anunciou (via 4Gamer) o lançamento ocidental para METAL MAX Xeno, seu vindouro RPG pós-apocalíptico.
O jogo será lançado na América do Norte, Europa e Ásia seguido de seu lançamento no Japão em 19 de Abril. Enquanto o lançamento japonês está confirmado para PlayStation 4 e PS Vita, detalhes para a versão ocidental serão anunciados pelos respectivos distribuidores em tempo devido.
Isto torna-o o primeiro jogo da série Metal Max a ser lançado no Ocidente desde Metal Saga (2006) para PlayStation 2, assim como o segundo título da franquia de 20 anos.
Junto à notícia de localização está um novo personagem, Misaki, e um novo tanque, o Flakpanzer 22:

Misaki (interpretado por Yubu Kobayashi)
Gênero: Masculino
Idade: 26
Misaki é descrito como um sobrevivente que manteve-se explorando por conta própria. É um homem atraente com características físicas que o fazem ser facilmente confundido como uma mulher, combinado com o corpo magro que mulheres tipicamente apresentam. Ele é um guerreiro que foca em sua inteligência, com uma vitalícia dedicação a descobrir o que causou o apocalipse.

Flakpanzer 22 é o tanque pessoal de Misaki, o veículo que ele tem usado para explorar o mundo apocalíptico em sua busca a fim de descobrir o que exterminou quase toda a raça humana. É um Flakpanzer modificado, o que significa que possui capacidade anti-área. Conta com dois canhões anti-aéreos como armas principais, com a natural vantagem de abater aviões.
Source: NicheGamer

Batoto! Announces Its Site Closure

Manga scanlation hosting site Batoto! has announced that it will be closing its site up permanently by the end of the month. Site owner RawR has made a lengthy post on their site forums as the reasons for the closure and what is to become of all the content that is currently on the site. Not having the will to keep up with maintaining the site serves as the key deciding factor for the closure but RawR states that this wasn't a decision that was decided just on the fly.

RawR has stated that this decision was something that has been on his mind for a couple of years now but finally decided to put his decision into action. From its creation back in 2011, Batoto has had a decline in users over the recent years and that 35% of the traffic to the site right now is mostly due to bots. Multiple factors have also been stated as to why this decision has been made. Site content is currently being backed up by its administrators as they've been notified of this way in advance than the public. RawR does state it is up to the current site staff if they decide if they want to make a new Batoto or something simpler but overall he will not be returning Batoto as it is now.

Batoto is site servers will start to be affected on January 18th as their servers expires although content on their site may still be accessed by its members. It won't be till the Jan 25th where the site will no longer be functional but RawR states that people should treat the 18th as the official final day of Batoto. 
You can read more about this on their forums: BATOTO FORUMS

From us at Anime Toshokan Inc., we wish RawR the best of luck on his future endeavours. 

Shoryuken.com Announces Forums Closure

This afternoon, it has been announced that staple fighting game community website, Shoryuken.com, will be closing the doors to its community forums at the end of January 2018. Shoryuken's forums has been the "go-to" place for all things fighting game related from information from community members, gameplay strategies, terminology, & a slew of other information vital to those who play fightin games religiously.
The Shoryuken forums has served the fighting game community since its creation back in 2000 but its closure has been announced due to decreased use by the community in the wake of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.. Tom Cannon, cofounder of the biggest fighting tournament "Evolution", offer these words as a send off to the SRK forums:

"Shoryuken.com launched back in 2000 with the title “Your competitive edge.” Back then, it was pretty tough to get accurate information about mysterious fighting techniques like the “kara cancel.” The goal of this site was to allow hard-core fighting game players to connect, both to share strategies and meet up IRL to play.
Nearly 20 years later, the way we as fighting game fans consume information has exploded. We’re lucky to have a wealth of content out there now, from YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, reddit, and more. In a world of highly-connected players, the need for a centralized info hub is greatly diminished. So, it’s time to say goodbye to the SRK forums.
It’s been an epic ride, and I’m glad that we were able to provide a discussion venue for all aspects of the FGC, from tournament strategies, player meetups, stick-building resources, etc. Thanks to everyone out there who spent time on the site."
To help facilitate the transition of content from the forum section to other locations, we’re leaving the forum site open until the end of the month. Front page news and editorial content will continue as normal. We appreciate your readership, and encourage you to look forward to new content from Shoryuken throughout 2018.

Abaixam-se as cortinas de Valkyria Project: Valkyria Chronicles 4 anunciado!

Seguindo o cronograma de um teaser website lançado na semana passada, SEGA hoje anuncia oficialmente Valkyria Chronicles 4 para PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Switch. Será lançado nas Américas e na Europa em 2018. No Japão, onde uma versão de Xbox One não será lançada, o jogo chegará em 21 de Março de 2018 para PlayStation 4 e para o Switch durante o verão japonês de 2018.
Visão geral do jogo:
No Japão, a edição regular de Valkyria Chronicles 4 para PlayStation 4 custará 7990円 e uma edição limitada "Pacote Memorial de 10º Aniversário" custará 12990円. Cópias de primeira impressão incluirão uma missão adicional. Aqui estão os detalhes:
A edição de 22 de Novembro da revista semanal Famitsu abordará Valkyria Chronicles 4, mas a versão online da publicação exibiu alguns detalhes preliminares sobre quatro dos personagens.
A música-tema oficial é "Light Up My Life", a qual é escrita por Mai Kuraki, composta por Shilo, e arranjada por Shuho Mitani.
Assista ao trailer de anunciamento abaixo e visite o website oficial aqui.
Source: Gematsu
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Yuisy and Pmang to Close their S4 League Servers


About 4 hours ago, Yuisy officially announced the shutdown of its Latin American S4 League server. 

The scheduled date to leave everything to the past is April 30.


Original notice (freely translated):



Latin eSpers,


Our journey together has arrived to an end and today - pitiable as it is - we have to announce that the S4 League Latin server is going to close its doors very soon. Has been more than three wonderful years in which we shared many matches, playtime and fun, however now is the time to say goodbye.


The service will be ceased due to the end of our contract with the developer company of the game (Neowiz), which declined to extend it despite our request. Considering that and upon various discussions, we accorded with them the ceasing terms expressed below.


Cease of Service

  • From now on, creating new accounts is not possible;
  • All users whom have registered and functional accounts to log in the game will be able to do so until April 30 2018 03:00 PM (GMT-3).



  • Despite our request for the migration of accounts from our service to a different region (European or Korean), the developer company decided not to do so. The final decision is up to them, since they're the owners of both game and accounts;
  • As consequence for the previous statement and the decline to migrate, we requested to remove the current IP-block on latin accounts registered in different services from January 31. It means that those who desire to create or use a previous account registered in the european server, will be able to. IMPORTANT: it depends exclusively on the will of those in charge of the european service;
  • The european server of the game can be found at http://s4league.aeriagames.com/


Yuisy Coins

  • From now on, is not possible to purchase Yuisy Coins. Regardless, the in-game shop will be open until April 30;
  • Those who possess Yuisy Coins will be able to make use of them until April 30;
  • Those with unused pin codes will be able to enable them for their accounts until January 31.



  • For those who wish to keep playing until the server shutdown, we will be performing constant updates in order to provide access to items unavailable otherwise.


Support & Communication

  • The support system and communication channels will remain active until April 30.


We thank you all again for being part of S4L during so many years and we believe that you had fun in our server as much as we had.

We hope to meet and enjoy with you through the NetSphere until the day of closure, April 30.




Source: Yuisy


Since S4 League was their most rentable game, seeing Yuisy completely ceasing its services as a publisher anytime soon would be no surprise.



Update 31/01: Pmang's KRS4 was not spared as well. 


Original notice (Google translator + a few edits):


Good morning, S4 League


First of all, we would like to express our deep appreciation for your interest and support on S4 League for a long time.

We have done a lot of hard work to provide you with better service and interesting content over the last 10 years.


However, the situation continues to be difficult to provide satisfactory service, so we decided to terminate our S4 League service. According to the decision to terminate the service, S4 League will be held until March 14, 2018. You will not be able to use all the related services after that.


Since the service period actually was very long, we believe many memories of S4 League will remain.

We reluctantly decided to end the service after many problems.

We would like to take care of all the precious memories we have together with you.


Again, thanks to all those who have played S4 League. This is my last message as GM.


Source: Pmang


As expected, these two shutdown notices made most EU players to panic. Today Aeria has pronounced:



Dear S4Leaguers,

Let us start off by saying “We are not shutting down!”


You may have seen of the shutdown news for Korean and Latin servers.

To prevent any confusion, we want to clarify that we have no plans of shutting down.


On the contrary we are considering to make our servers available to more of our amazing S4Leaguers around the world, however, we cannot promise anything yet.


As always, we will keep you updated. Expect news within the month and more details in this month's PM Letter.


Netsphere is still here for you!

Show us your S4!


/ Your S4League Team


Source: Aeria Games



My personal guess on the matter is that an universal server involving all regions could have saved S4 League, since all the servers (except for S4LA's reported end of contract) that have closed until now did it, apparently, due to the lack of players and revenue.





South Korea (Pmang) - ★04/12/2007~†14/03/2018

Europe, North America (alaplaya) - ★2008~†2013

Thailand (PlayFPS) - ★01/12/2011~†15/12/2015

China (9buddy / WankaClub) - ★2012~†10/04/2015

Japan (Game On Studio) - ★06/2012~†28/08/2013

Indonesia (LytoGame) - ★27/09/2012~†07/2015

Latin America (Yuisy) - ★12/12/2013~†30/04/2018

Europe, North America (Aeria Games) - ★10/07/2014

Philippines (VALOFE) - ★09/06/2015~†29/07/2016

Edited by Razzee

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User Feedback

In all honesty, I wouldn't take Aeria's word on this matter. They have no say in if the service will continue on for them as Neowiz holds the cards and can terminate the game at any time. I think their trying to pull all of their resources into getting Bless Online going, to be honest.

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    • By Razzee in Unrecorded Chronicles 1
      Dando continuidade à tradução...

      あ-っ ! もうイヤだ!
      毎日毎日、 缶詰メシ!
      もう - already/yet
      イヤだ - not a chance; not likely; no way
      毎日 (まいにち) - every day
      感ず目 (かんずめ) - canned goods
      メシ - cooked; meal, food (Katakana for what?)
      しかも - moreover; furthermore; nevertheless; and yet
      職 (しょく) - meal; foodstuff, food
      Aaahh! I can't take it anymore!
      Everyday, everyday we have canned fish! And yet, two meals a day!

      ゃる気か出ねえ一っ ! 
      ケチケチ (けちけち) - stingy; tighfisted; miserly (again, why Katakana?)
      メシ (飯) - meal, food (there is a logic reason to use Katakana for words originally written in kanji?)
      やる気 (やるき) - willingness; motivation
      出 (to leave)
      It's such a miserable meal that my motivation is gone!


      そうよ、 ジュリオ





      賛沢は敵だ、 です

      あのさ、 俺のロツ力ーは
      せめてー 日3食でも……








      ねえ、 ちょっと話してよ

      確かに、 どうしてこんな



      おいおい、 いきなりだな


      まさか、 盗んだのか?





      幸いにも、 聖の毛ー本









      それで、 商いに目覚めた


      わたし、 学校には行って

      無茶苦茶だな、 おい…




      軍事教練では、 みんな



      ええ、 指揮はよかつたです








      共感できるわ、 それ


      うん、 オレか作ったメシも


      そ、 それはどうかな……





      わたし、 ょく分かりません

    • By Yonnji in Yonnji 4
      I'm making a game, which was inspired by S4 League.
      A few videos from my DevLog:
    • By Razzee in Unrecorded Chronicles 0
      Today I'm starting another project that will probably take a lot of time to finish.
      The only fragment left with no translation is "Carisa's Maxim", and I don't know why. However, I found this message posted in Steam forums:
      Whatever may be the reason, I'm going to translate it myself using a very convenient tool called Capture2Text.
      You may notice a few words in Portuguese, since sometimes I need to consult my dictionary.

      私たち - we
      が - subject of the sentence
      ガリア - Gallia
      正規 (せいき) - regular; normal
      軍 (ぐん) - army
      から (starting point) - in this case is FROM, but depending on context can be SINCE
      追われる (passive form of verb 追う "to chase") - be chased, be pursued
      みとなって - ?
      から (starting point) - since (uma vez que, desde que, já que, visto que)
      Desde que estamos sob perseguição por parte do Exército Regular de Gallia,
      Since we are suffering chase from Gallia Regular Army,
      Since we are being pursued by Gallia Regular Army,
      Since = second から
      From = first から
      初めて - first time
      安らぎ (やすらぎ) - peace, tranquility
      と - connect subjects (and, with, etc)
      補給 (ほきゅう) - supply
      を - indicates the object of a verb
      得る (える) - to get; to acquire; to obtain
      こと - thing; matter; fact; circumstances
      できた (できる+た) - past indicative of the verb "to be able"; can (conseguir)
      ユエル市 - Yuell city
      a primeira vez em que conseguimos obter paz e suprimentos foi na cidade de Yuell.
      the first time we were able to obtain peace and supplies was in Yuell city. #1
      the first time we could feel at home was in Yuell city. #2
      しかし - but, however (no entanto, contudo, entretanto, mas)
      いつ まで も - enquanto se queira; eternamente; para sempre; até (まで) quando quiser
      留まる - this word apparently has three different kanjis to start with. O_O (留/止/停); "to stay" or "to stop"
      こと - thing, matter
      でき (infinitive form of できる) can + ず (adv. "without") - without being able to (sem poder/conseguir) 
      No entanto, sem poder permanecer para sempre, (#1)
      Entretanto, como não podemos ficar aqui para sempre, (#2)
      However, without being able to stay forever, #1
      However, as we can't stay here forever, #2
      出立 (しゅったつ) - departure (saída, partida)
      する - verb "to do"
      とき - time; moment 
      が - subject of the sentence
      きました (past indicative of "to come") - has come (chegou); arrived
      a hora de partir chegou.
      the time to depart has come.
      To do (する) departure (出立) = to depart (this verb does not exist in Japanese?)

      征暦 1935年 8月 ユ工ル近郊
      征暦 (せいれき) - calendar...? This kanji is probably very old.
      年 - counter for years
      月 (moon) - month
      ユエル - Yuell
      近郊 (きんこう) - outskirts
      Calendário da Expedição ~ Agosto de 1935 - Arredores de Yuell
      Conquest Calendar ~ August 1935 - Yuell Outskirts

      そろそろ - aos poucos; devagar; soon
      ユエル市 - Yuell city
      とも - with + also?
      お別れ (分かれ) - separação, despedida, o adeus
      ですね - isn't?
      Aos poucos nos despedimos de Yuell.
      Aos poucos é a despedida (entre nós e) a cidade de Yuell.
      Logo é nosso adeus a Yuell também né.
      Soon, it's our farewell to Yuell city.

      出発 (しゅっぱつ) - departure (the word "shuttatsu" has the same meaning...?!)
      準備 (じゅんび) - preparativo, disposição
      張り切って ( - estar com vigor; estar tenso para fazer algo; be in high spirits
      いきましょう - "to go"
      みんな - everyone, everybody
      Preparativos para partir. Acelerem o ritmo e vamos, pessoal!
      Preparations for departure. Hurry up and let's go, everyone!

      ユエル市 - Yuell city
      ある - verb "to be, to exist" for objects
      もの - coisa física, assunto, objeto
      根こそぎ(ねこそぎ) - ato de arrancar pela raíz
      持ってく(to own, to have) - "I am going to have it"
      つもり - intention, plan
      荷物 (にもつ) - luggage, baggage; carga, bagagem
      積む - empilhar, amontoar, carregar (to pile up, to load, to stack)
      I plan to pile up the supplies still in Yuell and bring them, no matter what!
      I'm going to pack up everything left in Yuell city.

      それ - that (isso)
      いくら - how much?; how many?
      でも - but
      これ + 以上 - more than this
      いただいて (to take) + しま (to finish, to complete) + たら - if takes to finish
      市民 (しみん) - citizen, townspeople
      みんな - everyone, everybody
      困る (こまる) - to be troubled (estar com problemas)
      の - alternative to か, question
      But how many time will it take...?
      If it takes more time than this, will not be too risky to the citizens?

      私たち - we
      もっと - more, even more
      困る - to be troubled
      です - to be
      We are in trouble even more (than them)! #1
      We already have our own problems! #2
      Don't forget about our own problems! #3
      We are so troubled as, if not more! #4
      妥協 (だきょう) - entendimento, acordo, concordância; compromise, giving in
      You must not give in!

      包帯 (ほうたい) - bandage, dressing
      も - particle "too", in this case
      止血 (しけつ) hemostasis; estancamento de sangramento + 剤 (medicine; agent) - hemostatic agent
      抗生 ~ こうせい (antibiotic) + 物質~ ぶっしつ (substance) - antibiotics 
      今 - now
      倍 (ばい) - twice, double
      もって (to have, to hold, to own) + いきます (to go) 
      もらって (to receive, to take) + きて (to come, to arrive) + ください (polite)
      This time we are bringing the double of bandages, hemostats and antibiotics. Please get them and come back! #1
      Twice the bandages, hemostats and antibiotics will be brought this time. Please go get them! #2


      物資 (ぶっし) - goods, materials
      補給 (ほきゅう) - supply
      に間して (にかんして) - particle "about; in relation to; when it comes to..."
      私 - I, me
      全権 (ぜんけん) - full authority, plenipotentiary powers
      あります - verb "to be, to exist" (inanimate)
      命令 (めいれい) - order, command, instruction
      違反 (いはん) - violation (of law), transgression, infringement
      砲 (ほう) - gun, cannon, artillery
      殺 (しゃ / や) - ?
      刑 (けい) - penalty, sentence, punishment
      I have absolute authority over supplies management. Instructions violation is a death sentence. #1
      Regarding supplies management, I have absolute authority. Instructions violation is a death sentence. #2
      When it comes to supplies management, I have absolute authority. Don't follow my instructions and you're a tank's target. #3

      はつ, はいいつ !
      Okay, I got it!

      ははは! 銃殺どころか
      ははは - hahaha :T
      銃殺 (じゅうさつ) - death by shooting
      どころか - far from; not to speak of
      戦車 (せんしゃ) - tank
      砲 - gun, cannon
      撃ち殺す- to shoot to death
      なかなか - very, considerably
      悪 - evil
      趣味 (しゅみ) - hobby
      Hahaha! Morte por fuzilamento, e ainda por cima, com um tanque? Um hobby consideravelmente perverso, não é?
      Hahaha! Death by shooting, and moreover, with a tank? A pretty evil hobby this one of yours, if you ask me. #1
      Hahaha! Death by shooting, not to speak of, from a tank's cannon? Pretty evil hobby this one, isn't it? #2
      Hahaha, shot to death? Not to mention, from a tank? This girl has some bad taste.

      悪 - evil
      趣味 - tastes, hobby
      王様 - king
      何 - what
      言う(to say) + てる - ?
      What is the king of bad tastes babbling about? 
      O que o rei do mal gosto está falando sobre?

      手 - hand, arm
      空い + てる- ?
      弾薬 - ammunition
      積み込み (つもきも) - loading
      やって (to do, to give) ください - please give(?)
      If your hands are empty, start loading up the ammunition, please.
      If you have nothing to do, then load ammunition please.

      弾薬 - ammunition
      敵 - opponent, enemy
      殺す- to kill
      必需 (ひつじゅ) - necessary
      品 - thing, goods
      たんまり - quite a lot
      仕込ん- to stock
      おく- indicates something that has been left in a certain state [...]
      Ammo, eh? It's an essential item to kill enemies. We need to stock a lot of it.

      何なら、 あなたの
      何なら - if you don't mind, if you wish, if you are so inclined, if it suits you, if you like
      あなた (you) + の (indicates possession) + ロッカー (locker) - your locker
      弾薬 (だにゃく) - ammunition
      庫 (こ) - warehouse, magazine, depository
      して (TE form of する "to do, to turn, etc") + も (particle "too/also") - even if
      構いません (構う) + (present indicative negative) - don't care about, don't mind
      Whatever, don't you mind even if turn your locker into a ammo depot? #1
      If it suits you, don't mind turning your locker into a ammo depot? #2

      了解。 フエリクスと
      了解 (りょうかい) - Ryoukai! *americanizing beam* Roger that!
      フェリクス (Ferikusu) - Felix
      と - particle to connect (and, with...)
      エリオット (Eriotto) - Elliot
      ロッカー (rokkaa) - locker
      弾薬 (だにゃく) - ammunition
      埋めて (TE form of 埋める) - cobrir, enterrar, sepultar; preencher, completar (to bury, to fill, etc)
      くる - to come
      Exactly. Felix and Eliott lockers arrived filled with ammunition. 
      Got it. I'll bury Eliott's and Felix's lockers in ammo.

      Jiyurio no rokkaa - Giulio's locker
      忘れ (verb "to forget") + ず (without) - without forget/ting
      Without forgetting Giulio's locker. #1
      Let's not forget about Giulio's locker. #2

      かわいしょう - poor, pitiable, pathetic, pitiful
      だから - since it is...
      ところ - place, spot, space, room
      缶詰 (かんずめ) - canned goods, tincan
      埋める - "to fill"
      さ - ?
      Literal: Since it is pitiable, you/I can fill Giulio's space [locker] with canned goods.
      Pathetic as he is, I bet his locker is filled with canned food.

      No.56 - Deit
      爾来 (jirai) - land mine
      No.56's locker is full of land mines.
      エロ (erotic) + 本 (book) - hentai
      Elliot's locker is filled with erotic books, is not it?
      No.56's locker has land mines in and Eliott's is full of erotic books, right?

      面白く- interesting, amusing
      なってきちゃたよ - "to become"... something
      Now I got interested!
      Now I'm interested!

      仲間がいる つ て、 いいね
      仲間 (なかま) - company, fellow, colleague, mate, partner
      いる - verb "to be" (living things)
      いい - good, excellent, fine, OK
      It's good to have mates, right?

      あたしは…… ?

      燃料を確保 してく ださい
      ジゼル - Giselle
      とにかく - anyhow, anyway, in any case; de qualquer maneira, seja como for
      燃料 (ねんりょう) - fuel
      確保 (かくほ) + する ("to do") - assegurar, garantir, guardar
      Anyway, Giselle-san, please guarantee we'll not run out of fuel.

      ユエル市 - Yuell city
      方 - way, direction
      から - from, since (starting point)
      提供 (ていきょう) - offer; provisioning; supply
      いただいた (past indicative of いただく) - receber, aceitar, ganhar (to receive, to accept)
      分 (ぶん) - part
      じゃ - "can be used when you are thinking about something, often right before you make a decision or suggestion"
      ぜんぜん - not at all, entirely, completely
      たりません - negative form of "to be sufficient, to be enough"から - since 
      Since the part we received from Yuell city is not sufficient, at all.
      Since the amount provided by Yuell is not enough at all.

      燃料 (ねりょう) - Fuel

      市内 (しない) - (within a) city; local
      燃料 (ねんりょう) - fuel
      貯蔵 (ちょぞう) - storage; preservation
      場所 (ばしょ) - place, location
      わかります - to understand, to know
      Giselle-san, the city's fuel storage location. You (are) understand(ing), right?
      Giselle-san, o local de armazenamento de combustível da cidade. Você (está) entende(ndendo), né?
      Giselle-san, the city's fuel storage location. You know where it is, right?
      Giselle-san, you would know there the fuel deposits are, right?

      行って、 出せるだけ
      行って - to go
      出せる - to take out, to get out
      だけ - only, just
      もらって - to receive, to take; to get somebody to do something (follows a verb in TE form)
      代金 (だいきん) - price, payment, cost
      支払います - I will pay
      から - since (to justify, not needed, I think)
      Just go, get out. Disappear from my sight and bring someone else, please. I will pay your price. #1
      You just have to go and take it, please. I'm covering the costs. #2
      You just have to go there and bring me fuel, please, since I'm covering the costs. #3

      火薬 (かやく) - gunpowder
      は - indicates the topic of sentence
      What about gunpowder?

      燃料 (ねんりょう) - fuel
      優先 (ゆうせん) - preference; priority
      ですよ - it is, seriously!
      積める (つめる) - to pile up, to stack, to load
      だけ - only, just
      余裕 (よゆう) - surplus; composure; margin; room; time; etc 
      あれ - to be, to exist (objects)
      Fuel is a priority. Just pile up fuel and, if you can afford, gunpowder as well. #1
      Fuel is a priority. Just load up fuel and, if you can afford to pay, gunpowder too. #2

      分かりました - understood
      期待 (きたい) - expectation, anticipation, hope
      Understood. Please, be waiting for me.


      彼女 (かのじょ) - she, her
      負かせ - to entrust, to leave to a person
      おけ + ば - ?
      予備 (よび) - preparation, preliminaries, reserve, spare
      燃料 (ねんりょう) - fuel
      確保 (かくほ) - guarantee, maintain, ensure, reservation
      でき - be able to
      そ - so, really
      ですね , right?
      If I leave it to her, I will be able to spare some fuel as well, right? #1
      If I entrust it to her, she will reserve some fuel as well, right? #2 
      I entrusted it to her. She is capable of this little task, right? #3
      So, I entrusted this task to her. She will not forget about the fuel, right? #4
      She seems capable of being entrusted with the fuel and preparations.

      非常時 (ひじょうじ) - emergency, crisis; situação de emergência, crise
      もっと - more, further
      強引 (ごういん) - overbearing, forcible, pushy; o ato de forçar, coerção
      手 - hand
      便って - to rely on, to depend on; confiar, contar, depender
      かき集め (かきあつめ) - to gather up, to scrape up together; juntar, reunir
      ても - even if, even though
      いい - good
      思う - to think, to consider
      It's a emergency. A little help here would be good too, don't you think?
      This is a time of emergency. You should command with a tighter fist and get more people to help.

      そういう - such, like that, that sort of
      発想 (はっそう) - idea; way of thinking
      スマート (sumaato) - smart
      じゃない - is not
      極悪 (ごくあく) - villainy
      刑事 (けいじ) - detective
      That sort of idea is not so smart, right, criminal detective-san?#1
      That's not a smart idea, criminal detective-san. #2

      どうせ - anyhow, in any case, at any rate; de qualquer modo, em todo caso
      ツケ - fixed, bill, credit
      して - to do
      踏み倒す (ふみたおす) - deixar de pagar dívidas e contas pendentes
      In any case, what you do about the bills?
      In any case, why do you shirk payment bills? 

      手形 (てがた) - draft; draught + くらい - ?
      切ります (きります) - to cut, to sever... 16+ :T
      As for the bills, I will cut them. 
      As for the bills, I will discard them.

      誰 (だれ) - who
      保障 (ほしょう) - guarantee, security, assurance
      する - to do
      Who guarantees it...

      Sore wa himitsu desu.
      That's a secret.

      That's shady.

      セドリ ックさんが弾薬の
      そんなこと (such thing) + より (than) - more importantly (than such thing) / nevermind
      セドリック (sedorikku) - Cedric
      弾薬 (だにゃく) - ammunition
      積み込み (つみこみ) - loading
      行きました - went
      More importantly, Cedric-san went to restock ammunition.


      エイダ - Ada 
      しっかり - firmly, tightly, reliable[...] This one is so uncertain that my dictionary does not give a definition to this word alone
      自分 - oneself, yourself
      弾薬 (だにゃく) - ammunition
      確保 (かくほ) - guarantee, maintain, ensure 
      して - to do
      おいて - "do something in advance"
      Ada-san also should work to keep her ammunition stock up to date, right?
      Make sure Ada-san also has her stock of ammo.

      ふん... 弾切れで
      弾切れで - out of ammo
      奴 (やつ) - he, him, fellow, guy
      しなれ - to be dead
      ても - even if
      困る (こまる) - to be troubled
      集め (あつめ) - to collect, to assemble, to gather
      おく - to do something in advance
      Even out of ammo this guy is tough to die. Gonna do my job. #1
      Hmm... Would be a problem if he runs out of ammo and die before paying for his crimes. I accept your suggestion. #2
      Hmm... It will be a problem if he dies before going to the gallows. I will collect it. #3

      みなさん、 働き者で
      みんな - everyone, all
      働き者 (はたらきもの) - hardworker
      大変 (たいへん) - very, greatly
      よろしい - good, all right, very well
      Everyone, you're great hardworkers, aren't you? #1
      I see everyone is putting a lot of effort on it. That's good, isn't? #2

      お疲れ様です、 カリサさん
      先々- futuro; todos os lugares onde se vai; future, place one goes to
      補給 (ほきゅう) - supply
      こと - matter
      おもう - to think, to consider
      不安 (ふあん) - incerteza, apreensão; insecurity, suspense
      Thanks for your hard work too, Carisa-san. I can't help but be anxious just to think if we will be able to restock our supplies like this again. #1
      Thanks for your hard work too, Carisa-san. It's hard to believe we will have another opportunity to restock our supplies like this again, isn't? #2

      物資 (ぶっし) - goods, materials
      ても - even if
      たたかわ - to fight, to battle
      戦争 (せんそう) - war
      そういう - that sort of
      We have no choice but to fight even if we run out of supplies. That's how war works.
      Even without supplies, we have to fight. War is like that. (Google translator)

      今 - now, present
      物資 (ぶっし) - goods, materials
      ある - to be (objects)
      ですから - since it is?
      不安 (ふあん) - anxiety, uneasiness
      なる - become, grow
      なんて - ?
      贅沢 (ぜいたく) - luxury, extravagance; gasto supérfluo, luxo
      Since we have a lot of supplies now, this feeling of yours is such a luxury. 
      Finally the part I waited so long for...

      対戦 (たいせん) - great war
      戦った - fighted
      Carisa-san wa ichi taisen wo tatakatta sou desu ga
      Ano... sorette...?
      I overheard that you fought during the First War, Carisa-san. So... is that true...?

      当時 (とうじ) - at that time, in those days
      軍備 (ぐんび) - armaments
      ろくな - satisfactory, decent
      Back then, our armaments were so terrible...

      定刻 (ていこく) - Imperial
      軍 (gun) - army
      戦車 (せんしゃ) - tank
      対抗  (たいこう) - opposition + する (to do) - to do opposition
      ため - concerning
      苦労 (くろう) - troubles, hardships
      らしい - seems like; I heard that
      We had clear disadvantage to do opposition to the Imperial Army's tanks. #1
      We had clear disadvantage to battle against the Imperial Army's tanks. #2

      テイマー - Theimer
      博士 (はかせ) - doctorate, Dr.
      平気 (へいき) - arms, weapons
      開発 (かいはつ) - development
      量産 (りょうさん) - mass production
      あと - behind
      少し - little, few
      遅れていたら - if was/were late/delayed
      If Dr. Theimer's weapons development and mass production were a bit late...

      敗戦 (はいせん) - defeat, losing a war
      確実 (かくじつ) - certainty, realiability
      仕官 (しかん) - officer (military)
      学校 (がっこう) - school
      授業 (じゅぎょう) - lesson, class work
      習いました - learned
      I learned in my classes at the military academy that the defeat would've been absolute.

      そんなに - so much, so, like that
      当時 (とうじ) - at that time, in those days
      軍備 (ぐんび) - armaments
      ひどい - adj. cruel, severe, very bad, terrible
      So, the armaments of that time were really so bad as you say?

      そりゃ - very, extremely
      軽 (けい) - light
      戦車 (せんしゃ) - tank
      ギュンター (gyuntaa) - Gunther
      優れ (すぐれ) - to surpass, to excel
      戦術 (せんじゅつ) - tactics
      Extremely, no doubt.
      Without General Gunther and his excellent tactics with light tanks...

      1 00%負けでしたょ
      対戦 - great war
      負け - defeat
      our chances of losing the First War would've been 100%.

      そこ - there, that place
      まで - until
      言い切る - to declare; terminar de falar, afirmar categoricamente
      According to all you said until now... After all, Carisa-san really is...

      ただ - direct, straight
      受け売り (うけうり) - venda a retalho; repetir o que os outros dizem
      あなた - you
      さっき - some time ago
      授業 (じゅぎょう) - lesson, class work
      ならたって (to learn) + いてった (to say) 
      Stop repeating yourself and be more direct, yo!
      Didn't you learn to speak at school?

      That is...
      I guess so, but...

      逃げなければ、 もう少し
      ボーガー - Borger (city)
      If Damon did not run away at Borger, it could've been a little easier...

      ... ... What!?

      さてと、 おとぎ話は
      さてと - ?
      おとぎ話 - fairy-tale
      これぐらい - ?
      Well, it's nothing, just a fairy-tale... Margit-san!

      What is it?

      『ロイャルマリ一』 を
      マルギット (marugitto) - Margit
      大切 - important
      育て (criar, educar, formar; to grow up) + きた (to do, to become)
      ロイヤルマリー (roiyaru marii) - Royal Mary
      This "Royal Mary" that Margit-san raised up so carefully...

      ユエル市 - Yuell city
      みんな - everyone
      感謝 (かんしゃ) - thanks, gratitude
      として - ?
      プレゼント - present
      しましょ- to do, to turn (into) 
      Let's make of it a present to the people of Yuell to express our feelings of gratitude.

      ええつ!? あれは私の……!
      What!? That's my...!

      今後 (こんご) - from now on, hereafter
      こと - matter
      考える (かんがえる) - to consider, to think about
      なら - if...
      あの花 - that flower
      残し (to leave behind) + 上げる (to raise up)
      If you consider about from now on, you should leave this flower to raise up here. #1
      If you think about the future, you should leave this flower to grow up here. #2

      確か (たしか) - certain, sure
      水 - water
      必要 (ひつよう) - necessary, essential
      少し - few, little
      でも - but
      物資 (ぶっし) - goods, materials
      積む - to pile up, to stack
      mm... I definitely need to take some water and other essential supplies even if a little... 

      I'm reluctant, still...

      ある - to exist (inanimate)
      べき - "is a verb suffix to describe something that is supposed to be done"
      もの - thing
      場所 (ばしょ) - place, location
      幸せ (しあわせ) - happiness; good fortune
      Where they should be, will be. This is called happiness.

      商売 (しょうばい) - trade, business, commerce
      格言 (かくげん) - aphorism
      A dilemma for business?
      A professional maxim?

      いいえ、 わたしの格言です
      No, that's my maxim.
      No, it's my maxim.

      Texts in orange color = Reina from Honkfam Discord channel assisted me to translate.
      After a week, it's finally done!
    • By Razzee in Unrecorded Chronicles 0
      Hello. This time I will... yeah, you already know: talk about Carisa again. I really like her.
      I feel like VC3 developers did not know what to do about her in some aspects.
      As everyone knows, Carisa is a relevant character to both game and OVA's plot. Some important decisions would not be made if she was not present. Her voice doesn't sound nothing like an old lady, much less a teenager. It's perfect for a 36 years old woman that appears to be 20. I also couldn't tell Carisa and Valerie have the same seiyuu (give Sasaki Ai more roles!). What a surprise. 99.9% of her dialogues are about money, supplies and other things. She is always determined, I like that. Considering this, it's expected that she deserves a bit more attention than the other supporting characters. I'll get to the point.
      First, her hair color.

      Brown, isn't it?
      However, as you may have watched VC3 OVA (Tagatame no Juusou)...
      PS.: If you didn't, that's the next thing you're doing today! 

      Gray.  It does not look gray due to lack of light, since it is portrayed this way by some VC Duel cards as well.
      It does not upset me, but it could've been better worked on.
      Riela and Kurt's wedding.

      From the final battle until this event I don't know how much time has passed, but now really looks like she is in her early 40s.
      Truth is, the budget for any character except for Kurt, Riela and Imca during this cutscene was low. She will be forever young!
      As she says: "Time is money, my friends!" but there is right place and time for her obsession. It's not like she is getting paid to attend a friends' wedding.
      In many countries it is a tradition for the bride to throw the flowers bouquet, what is believed to bring romantic luck to the woman guest who manages to get it. 
      It's inevitable. The person who managed to get the bouquet is blessed with such luck that she should get married soon.
      Last page of Carisa's dossie in squad barracks reveals some interesting informations...

      "Opening a shop is her dream, so she has no plan for marriage any time soon."
      "She has no plan for marriage any time soon"
      "She has no plan for marriage"
      If that's the case, then why are you desperately fighting for the bouquet, Carisa?! Ò_Ó

      By any chance, did you find a updated calendar laying in the middle of the street and became aware of your situation? @_@
      ... Or Riela's ending is not canon.
      After VC2/VC3 are released on Steam, I would love to see Valkyria Chronicles 0 with Carisa as protagonist during First Europan War. 
      SEGA played safe developing the sequels for a handheld device (lower costs), and suddenly develops a game with a completely different play-style for the West, including a Xbox One port. Hi?
      I liked VR but, due to the fact it did not sold well, I'm afraid a new Valkyria title is not going to be released very soon. However, one of the questions in Valkyria Revolution's survey was about the interest for a sequel. If they asked such thing, SEGA is considering a sequel despite poor sales, but depends on us. If a sequel means delaying a new Valkyria Chronicles, I don't want it!
    • By Razzee in Unrecorded Chronicles 0
      If there is a type of character I hate the most, it's the womanizer one!

      Honestly, I thought she was going to call Frederica, shikashi...

      How does Amy know that Carisa is older? @_@

      I would give you as many tanks as you wanted!

      This transition of expression between frames... Haha! <3

      I can't believe Carisa simply left without saying anything after being called an old lady... Matte! Why did he say that?
      It's obvious he has access to some information about his subordinates, but...
      Crowe is 36 years old. By calling ma waifu an "old lady", is he implying that Carisa is older than him? I will never know... That's probably the only tip the game gives about her age.
      Curiosity: Carisa's voice actress has the same potential, called "Uncertain Age". Really! There is no info about Sasaki Ai's age in the internet...
      Except for day and month of birth, that is August 14. By the way , do you want to see the drawing I commissioned to tribute her? ♡
      Yes, since she became more popular after joining World of Tanks as Nameless' commander, I claimed this username before someone else.
      Sasaki is the voice behind Valerie Aynsley too, but I believe Carisa is her most memorable character since she is very relevant in-game and OVA, not mentioning her unique obsession with money. 
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