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Otaku Penguin "Grape-kun" Passes Away

It comes with a heavy heart to report that "Grape-kun", the otaku Humboldt penguin that made headlines after showing affection to a cutout standee of Hululu from the anime series "Kemono Friends", has passed away. Grape-kun was 21 years old.

Reports of his passing came from a twitter post from the staff of the Tobu Zoo - the home of Grape-kun:
"Grape-kun the Humbodt penguin passed away yesterday. We would like to thank everyone for supporting him. And Hululu, thank you for watching over him to the very end. And Grape-kun, thank you for a long time together. Rest in peace in Heaven."

There were plans to throw a "Fall Grape Festival" on the November 11th & 25th that would allow visitors to celebrate Grape-kun and his love for Hululu. There has been no word from the Tobu Zoo staff as to if they any new plans for those dates. Two days prior to his passing, Grape-kun and Hululu were removed from the penguin pen after his zookeepers found him to be in poor health.
The story of Grape-kun gained international attention after he displayed signs of love and affection towards the Kemono Friends character standee of Hululu. The cutout standee was on display at the Tobu Zoo as part of a collaboration event with the Kemono Friends anime series that was airing at that time where various animal pens had a cutout standee on display representing that animal. The Kemono Friends event happened during April 2017.

Hululu's cutout became a permanent fixture of Grape-kun's penguin pen at the Tobu Zoo after fans, as well as Hululu's seiyuu (pictured above), expressed their love Grape-kun's cute displays of affection. During a typhoon, the pair was separated briefly but during his final moments, the Tobu Zoo staff reassured fans that they were together till the end.
Since then, fans have been sharing their condolences & thanking Grape-kun for giving them happy memories which also comes with a flood of fanart:

Rest in Peace, Grape-kun! T_T

Source: Goboiano, Anime News Network, Crunchyroll

Date a Live Season 3 Announced!

Some minutes ago Koushi Tachibana, Date a Live's original creator, announced through his Twitter account that a new season is being produced.
Date a Live first season aired from April 2013 to Jun 2013, and its sequel arrived in the same period of the following year.
In 2015 the movie "Mayuri Judgement" hit the screens. 
After more than two years without any Date a Live animation, we got surprised again. Looking forward to it.

Gameplay de GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match é revelado durante live-stream

GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match é um título anunciado pela Bandai-Namco em Julho deste ano para a plataforma PlayStation 4, com data de lançamento estimada para o inverno japonês. Não é o primeiro jogo da franquia. No ano de 2014 o PS Vita recebeu GIRLS und PANZER: Sensha-do Kiwamemasu!, que por sinal não foi muito popular no ocidente desde que foi lançado apenas em solo japonês com suporte ao idioma local. Enquanto o primeiro título aborda a história do anime de mesmo nome, o pouco que se sabe até o momento é que o modo história de Dream Tank Match tem como base o filme GIRLS und PANZER der Film, e por isso pode-se dizer que se trata de uma continuação. Desta vez o jogo contará com uma versão específica para a região da Ásia (tanto em formato digital quanto físico) com legendas em Inglês, o que se acredita ser a forma com que o desenvolvedor avaliará a recepção do jogo no ocidente.
Há cerca de uma semana foi anunciada uma sessão live-stream marcada para o dia de hoje, a qual foi transmitida entre as 08:00 e 09:00 da noite (Japan Standard Time).

Dentre o que foi apresentado, tivemos a oportunidade de assistir a 17 minutos de gameplay em tempo real.

23/09 Stream Highlights - GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match

Como informado anteriormente, a live-stream de GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match foi transmitida através dos canais da Bandai-Namco nas plataformas Youtube e NicoNico. Houve demonstração de gameplay, as seiyuus desenhando, entre outros.
Quem não conseguiu acompanhar pode re-assistir pelo Youtube, já que o conteúdo foi salvo. 


Tokimeki Idol Smartphone Game Announced

It has been announced by Konami Digital Entertainment on Friday that they will be releasing a new smartphone game titled "Tokimeki Idol". This game is a spin-off to the Tokimeki Memorial visual dating sim series which was also developed by Konami that started out back in 1994 and has not been seen since back in 2014. Konami opened a new teaser website with a video giving fans a closer look at the game.
Tokimeki Idol is a idol communication game where you'll be living with the games 15 female idols whom are part of a music institute to help them achieve their goal & dreams.

The game will be a free-2-play game for iOS & Android mobile devices which will come with microtransaction purchases. The game will also sport a "VR" mode for compatible devices for smartphones & tablets.

This new development for the TokiMemo series is built on the concept of gaining a “Tokimeki” (Heartbeat Memorial) from spending your everyday with the girls who are aiming to become idols.
Tokimeki Idol marks the return of Konami's Tokimeki Memorial romance sim series. From its initial release back in 1994, Tokimeki Memorial has spawned many  game sequels, spin-offs, & adaptations from its original video anime back in 1999 & 2009, a 2006 anime TV series (Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~) which was based on the Tokimeki Memorial online game which was also released in that same year, & many more from drama CDs & soundtracks. No game within the Tokimeki Memorial series has ever been officially translated for the western market although it is argued that Brooktown High, another one of Konami's games released for the Playstation Portable back in 2007, was heavily inspired by Tokimeki Memorial and was considered Konami's way of bringing the series over to the western market......not in the way fans would have wanted though as the game was heavily panned as a horrible game.
Reporter Rant: Okay seriously......this game is looking too much like The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. Honestly, I think I can let one out now......FUCK KONAMI for ruining yet another favorite franchise by making it a mobile monetization smartphone game!! #FUCKKONAMI
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    I'm making a game, which was inspired by S4 League.
    A few videos from my DevLog:


  2. This time I pick a translated song lyrics and try to understand the meaning of words and grammar.

    Literal sentence (English) first, literal sentence (Portuguese) second, then the original translation (English), that may be incorrect!


    不思議だね いまの気持ち

    Mysterious, is not it? Feeling of now.

    Misterioso, não é? Sentimento de agora. 

    Aren't our feelings right now mysterious?

    不思議 (ふしぎ) - estranho (strange), misterioso (mysterious)
    だね - não é (is not)
    いま - agora (now)
    の - indica posse (indicates possession)
    気持ち (きもち) - sentimento, sensação (feeling, sensation)

    Japanese language has no plural or genre, so kimochi can be interprected as "feeling" or "feelings".

    きもち (feeling) is placed after the particle の, so it belongs to いま (now).


    From the sky, falling it came seems like

    A partir do céu, caindo veio parece

    Like they descended from the sky

    空 (そら) - céu (sky)
    から - indica ponto de início, lugar ou tempo (indicates a starting point, place or time)
    降って - caindo - passado progressivo (falling - past progressive)
    きた - veio - passado indicativo (came - past progressive)
    みたい - como, parece (seems like, looks like)

    から indicates that sky is the starting point where our kimochi fell from.

    特別な季節の色が ときめきを見せるよ

    The color's palpitation of this special season I will show you

    A palpitação da cor desta temporada especial mostrarei 

    I'll show you the heart-pounding color of this special season

    特別 (とくべつ) - especial (special)
    な - conectar o adjetivo-na à palavra cacterizada (to connect the adjective-na to the characterized word)
    季節 (きせつ)- temporada, estação (season, station)
    の - indica posse (indicates possession)
    色 (いろ)- amor, cor (love, color)
    が - indica sujeito da sentença (indicates subject of the sentence)
    ときめき - heartbeat, excitement
    を - indica objeto direto do verbo (indicates direct object of the verb)
    見せる - mostrar - presente indicativo (to show - present indicative)
    よ - ao final da sentença para declarar forte convicção (at the end of sentence to declare a strong conviction)



    From the moment we met by chance for the first time

    Desde o momento em que nos encontramos por acaso pela primeira vez

    Since we first met, 

    初めて (はじめて)- pela primeira vez (for the first time)
    出会った (であった)- encontrar-se por acaso - passado perfeito (to meet by chance - past perfect)
    時 (とき) - momento (moment)
    から - indica ponto de início, lugar ou tempo (indicates a starting point, place or time)

    会う (au) means "to meet". When 出 (de) is placed before it, it means "to meet by chance".

    予感に騒ぐ心の Melody

    Ringing as a presentiment, the melody of my heart...

    Agitando-se como um pressentimento, a melodia do meu coração...

    The melody of my heart has played joyously like a premonition

    予感 (よかん)- pressentimento (presentiment)
    に - indica objeto indireto de um verbo e onde uma ação ocorre (indicates indirect object of a verb and where an action occurs)
    騒ぐ - sentir-se excitado (to feel excited)
    心 (こころ)- coração (heart)
    の - indica posse (indicates possession)
    Melody - melodia

    Imagine a comma here, because 騒ぐ and こころ are not linked.

    とめられないとまらない な・ぜ

    ... can't be stopped, will not stop - why?

    ... não pode ser parada, não vai parar - por quê?

    It can't be stopped, will not stop, why not?

    とめられない - verbo "ser parado" (verb "to be stopped")
    とまらない - verbo "parar" (verb "to stop")
    なぜ - por quê? (why?)

    切なさには名前をつけようか "Snow halation"


    About this sadness, name to it assign shall I?


    Sobre esta tristeza, nome para isso assignar devo?

    Shall we give a name to this lonely feeling? "Snow Halation"

    切ない - estado de depressão com sensação de impotência; doloroso; triste + さ (ness) - tristeza (state of depression with sensation of impotence; painful; sad + さ - sadness)
    に - indica objeto indireto de um verbo ou onde uma ação ocorre (indicates indirect object of a verb or where an action occurs)
    名前 (なまえ)- nome (name)
    を - indica objeto direto do verbo (indicates direct object of verb)
    つけよう - assignar (to assign)
    か - indica incerteza (indicates uncertainty)

    とどけて - TE form of "reach!" or "receive!", don't know. The meaning of this word is very fushigi to me.

    なまえをつける - assignar/atribuir nome  - verbo "nomear" (assign a name - verb "to name")



    Until feelings pile up, without wait

    Até os sentimentos acumularem, sem esperar

    I'm unable to wait until the feelings pile up

    おもい - sentimento (feeling)
    かさなる - acumular (to accumulate)
    まで - ponto de chegada - até (reaching point - until)
    まてず - não pode esperar (can't wait)



    Though frustrating, to love is a pure feeling

    Embora frustrante, amar é um sentimento puro

    It's frustrating, but love is pure like that

    くやしい - humilhante, decepcionante, frustrante (humiliating, disappointing, frustrating)
    けど - embora (though)
    すきって - amar, gostar, preferência por, gosto por (to love, to like, preference for)
    じゅんじょう - mente pura, inocência, sentimento puro (pure mind, innocence, pure feeling)

    A friend told me that すきって is the nominalization of the verb "to like/to love" (好き).


    微熱の中 ためらってもダメだね 

    Em meio a essa febre suave, hesitar é proibido, né?

    In this mild fever, to hesitate is prohibited, right?

    In this fever, I can't be hesitating

    微熱 (びねつ) - febre suave (mild fever)
    なか - durante, dentro (while, inside); meio (middle)
    ためれって - hesitar (to hesitate)
    だめ (adjetivo-na) - fato impossível, proibição (impossible fact, prohibition)
    だね - né? (is not?, right?)


    飛び込む勇気に賛成 まもなく Start!!

    Courage to jump in, approvation soon Start!!

    Coragem para pular, aprovação logo Start!!

    I'll accept the courage to jump in and start soon!

    飛び込む (とびくむ) - pular (to jump)
    勇気 (ゆき)- coragem, determinação (courage, determination)
    に - partícula (particle)
    賛成 (さんせい)- aprovação, concordância (approvation, concordance)
    まもなく- logo, brevemente, daqui a pouco (soon)


    音もなく 気配もなく

    Nor sound nor signal

    Nem som nem sinal

    Without a sound and without warning

    音(おと)- som (sound)
    なく- advérbio ない - negativo verbo ある 
    も - nem (neither, nor)
    気配(けはい)- sinal, indicação (signal, indication)
    も - nem (neither nor)
    なく - advérbio ない - negativo verbo ある



    Pacifically fate changes

    Pacificamente destino altera

    Our fate secretly changes

    静か (しずか) - quieto, pacífico (quiet, pacific)
    に - indica objeto indireto ou onde ação ocorre (indicates indirect object or where action occurs)
    運命 (うんめい) - destino (destiny, fate)
    は - indica tópico da sentença (indicates topic of sentence)
    変わる - (かわる) - mudar, alterar, trocar (to change)


    これからの未来に胸の 鼓動が早くなる

    From the future after that, palpitation of my chest accelerates

    A partir do futuro depois disso, a palpitação do meu peito acelera

    In the future, from now on, my heartbeat is quickening

    これから - depois disso (after that)
    これ - isso + から - ponto de início (これ - that + から - starting point)
    の - posse (possession)
    未来 (みらい) - futuro (future)
    に - indica objeto indireto do verbo ou local (indicates indirect object of verb or place)
    胸 (むね)- peito (chest)
    の - posse (possession)
    子度(こど)- palpitação (palpitation)
    が - indica sujeito da sentença (indicates subject of sentence)
    早く(はやく)- cedo, há muito tempo (early, long time)
    なる - vir a ser, tornar-se (to be, to become)

    早く+ なる - become faster, to accelerate



    For example, when you are in trouble

    Por exemplo, quando você estiver em apuros

    Whenever you are worried about something

    例えば(たとえば)- por exemplo (for example)
    困った(こまった)- estar em apuros (be in trouble)
    とき - tempo (time)
    に - indica objeto indireto ou local (indicates indirect object or place)
    わ - indica assunto da sentença (indicates matter of sentence)


    Immediately I will hurry up and give you a tight hug

    Imediatamente dirigir-me-ei às pressas e dar-te-ei um abraço apertado

    I want to run to you and embrace you

    すぐ - imediatamente (immediately)
    かけつけ - dirigir-se as pressas (to hurry up)
    だきしめる - dar um abraço apertado (to give a tight hug)


    どこにいてもどこでも Fly high

    Where is, does not matter where or when, wherever, "Fly high!"

    Onde está, não importa onde ou quando, qualquer lugar, "Fly high!"

    No matter where you are, anywhere, I'll fly high

    どこ - onde (where)
    に - indica local (indicates place)
    いて - ser, existir, estar (to be, to exist, to be)
    ても - "não importa onde/quando" ~ com uma palavra interrogativa ("no matter where/when" ~ with a interrogative word)
    どこ - onde (where)
    でも - "qualquer coisa/qualquer lugar" ~ com uma palavra interrogativa ("anything/anywhere" ~ with a interrogative word)


    いつの間にか大きくなりすぎた "True emotion"

    In a rush

    Unnoticed, (this feeling) passed to be enormous "True emotion"

    Às pressas,

    Sem se dar conta, (este sentimento) passou a ser enorme "True emotion"


    Before I knew it, it became enormous "True Emotion"

    急いで (いそいで) - às pressas (in a rush)

    いつの間にか (いつ の まにか) - sem se dar conta; antes de se reparar (before one becomes aware of, unnoticed, unaware)

    大きく (おおきく) - adj. grande (adj. big)

    なり (infinite form of なる - to become) - virar, tornar (be, become)

    すぎた (past indicative of すぎる - to pass, to exceed) - passou, excedeu (passed, exceeded)

    True emotion is not linked with the other words.



    Only in a dream, see it shining someway is painful

    It's painful, someway, seeing it to shine only in a dream (reverse)

    Apenas em um sonho, ver isso brilhar de alguma forma é doloroso

    É doloroso, de alguma forma, ver isso brilhar apenas em um sonho (reverso)

    It's painful if I can only see you in a dream

    夢 (ゆめ) - sonho (dream)

    だけ - part. só, apenas (only, just)

    み (infinite form of みる - to see, to look) - ver, olhar (see, look)

    てる - brilhar, resplandecer (to shine)

    様 (よう) - modo, maneira, método (mode, manner, method)

    じゃ - ?

    つらい - doloroso (painful)

    よ - ?



    Sobre amante, quero chamar-lhe

    About lover, I want to call you

    I want you to say that you're my lover

    Quero chamar-te de namorado(a)

    恋人 - namorado(a); amante (boyfriend, girlfriend; lover)

    は - indica tópico da sentença (indicates topic of sentence)

    君 - você ~ modo informal (you ~ plain form)

    って - conecta a palavra anterior à próxima (connects the previous word to the next)

    言い (いい) - falar; chamar de; denominar-se (to say; to call oneself)

    たい - expressar ações que deseja fazer (to express an action one wants to do)



    優しい目が とまどってるイヤだよ

    Gentle eyes [...]

    I don't like it when your gentle eyes look bewildered

    優しい - adj. gracioso, delicado, suave, doce; meigo, dócil (kind, gentle)

    目 - olho(s); campo de visão; ponto de vista (eye; eyesight; viewpoint)

    が - indica sujeito da sentença (indicates subject of sentence)

    とまどってる - ficar perplexo/desorientado (to be perplexed/bewildered)

    イヤ - ouvido (ear)

    だ (plain form of です?) - ser, estar, existir (to be, to exist)

    よ - suaviza a frase

    Where is "ear"?


    このまま一気に愛情 あずけて Please!!

    Da forma que está, confie logo todo este amor a mim "Please!!"

    Please give me your love right away!

    この - este (this)

    まま - como está, intacto; como quiser; conforme, de acordo (as it is; as one likes; condition; state)

    一気に (いっき)- de uma vez só (at once); instantaneamente

    に - indica objeto indireto de um verbo ou onde ação ocorre

    愛情 (あいじょう) - amor, afeição

    預けて (imperative form of あずける) - confiar (alguma coisa a alguém) 







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    So I start my first life blog post at the end of the year huh? Really shows where my priorities have gone when I can make a life blog post but can't keep this site going to save me.

    2016 has been a spiral of good times and bad for me; some of which I somehow wish I could redo over or regret. Some of it are accomplishments (to me) that I'm proud of and hope to build up upon in the next year. The thing about me is that I'm never happy with my current state of life....always wanting something better but I feel that because of where I live, that hinders me from wanting to progress so I end up staying where I am, never to move beyond what I'm doing....always dreaming of what could be, I suppose. I think that's mostly about my current state at my current employer. I want to progress but things that are out of my hands are keeping me from doing so. Because of this, I feel like I want a career change but something not in logistics & manufacturing. Doing this for over 10 years is wearing me out and honestly, I'm bored of it because I'm doing it out of necessity to keep my current state of life, not because I enjoy it.


    In my gaming career, I think I'm pretty much done with Street Fighter. In all honesty, I've been sick of it for a long time now because it's all people play in my hometown, with the exception of a handful of people I know that plays other things. I love Koihime Enbu, I love Blade Arcus, I love Nitro+ Blasterz, I love Guilty Gear Xrd, I love Urban Legend in Limbo, I love Aquapazza, I love Arcana Heart, and much more for they make me feel like I'm having fun when playing them because it's something I don't see ALL THE DAMN TIME. Yeah, I play lots of fighting games but I also love MMORPGs and others....but I really don't play sports games (with a few exception....one being 3 on 3 Freestyle Basketball Online). Speaking of MMORPGs, I've officially ended my life in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I felt like I wasn't progressing fast enough and that I was being left behind everyone and even those in my Free Company "Viva Eorzea". Since then, I've been spending a good deal of my MMORPG life in Black Desert Online.....partially because it's Pay-2-Play with no subscription and because it's more action based & life simulation. I play as I want and I'm not too far behind anyone in my guild "Haki". All in good fun, I'll say. Anime Weekend Atlanta in September has come and gone and that - I can say - was one of the biggest accomplishments in my life. Never have I worked with a 3rd party gaming publisher to help promote their games and have them attend the convention to help us. Last year, I did get support from Arc System Works with promoting Arcana Heart 3 Love Max but that was only on a promotional level and they did not attend but this year I worked with Degica Games to have them promote their games with us at the convention. It was really fun to have them there and I really want to thank Nick from Degica for giving us a chance to show off some of their games to the con goers. Hopefully, we can have them back again next year to show even more.


    In life, I've gone on a month and half long diet which has done me some good but now I feel as though I'm gaining that weight back so I really should get back to my exercising routine again. This was mostly due to my high blood pressure and weight (I was 219lbs and gone down to 206lbs). Other than that, nothing else eventful has happened. Well, with 2017 knocking on our door in just a few hours, I hope for next year, things will go in a different direction for me but for the better. I hope we all don't burn in hell here in North America with the POS we're going to have as president. We are so screwed.....



    From everyone and myself at Anime Toshokan, Happy New Year everyone!



  3. It's been a very long time since the last development blog posted and honestly, things have been extremely slow on my end with things pertaining to this website. Everything from designing a original site layout to brainstorming up new features, it's taking a toll on me doing everything by myself. Keep in mind, yes, this has been a solo project for years now since I decided to stop all of the other activities that A-T used to do back from 2003 - 2007. With that in mind, this is currently the mock design of the website look that I came with as of right now. It's still in the planning stage so anything is possible to change as of right now:




    Again, I'm not very confident in myself as of right now with designing this so I'll see how things go for now. As for the ME!ME!ME! themes......those might be scrapped but not because of lost interest but because my style of designing is slightly changing a bit to conform with web design standards and with Invision Power Board (the CMS that Anime Toshokan is powered by).


    As for the paid features that was mentioned in this blog title, yes, I will be adding features and upgrades to member accounts as a form of premium account incentive for those who help support the site. Some ideas that are flowing are:

    • Ad Removal
    • Profile Background Music
    • Profile Background Changer
    • Upgrade in upload limits to the gallery
    • Max amount of blogs a member can have will go up
    • Access to a donors only forum


    and so forth....again, these are just brainstorms that I'm making at the moment although some of these are actually being tested right now (don't ask me how I'm testing since I'm the only one here). With that in mind, this paid feature will likely be a one-time payment kind of system where if a minimum set amount is donated, you'll unlock those upgrades to your account for life (until you do something to get banned and have to make a new account and do the process all over again). I'm currently not certain how this will go as of yet so I'll keep you all posted. Till next time!

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