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    So I start my first life blog post at the end of the year huh? Really shows where my priorities have gone when I can make a life blog post but can't keep this site going to save me.

    2016 has been a spiral of good times and bad for me; some of which I somehow wish I could redo over or regret. Some of it are accomplishments (to me) that I'm proud of and hope to build up upon in the next year. The thing about me is that I'm never happy with my current state of life....always wanting something better but I feel that because of where I live, that hinders me from wanting to progress so I end up staying where I am, never to move beyond what I'm doing....always dreaming of what could be, I suppose. I think that's mostly about my current state at my current employer. I want to progress but things that are out of my hands are keeping me from doing so. Because of this, I feel like I want a career change but something not in logistics & manufacturing. Doing this for over 10 years is wearing me out and honestly, I'm bored of it because I'm doing it out of necessity to keep my current state of life, not because I enjoy it.


    In my gaming career, I think I'm pretty much done with Street Fighter. In all honesty, I've been sick of it for a long time now because it's all people play in my hometown, with the exception of a handful of people I know that plays other things. I love Koihime Enbu, I love Blade Arcus, I love Nitro+ Blasterz, I love Guilty Gear Xrd, I love Urban Legend in Limbo, I love Aquapazza, I love Arcana Heart, and much more for they make me feel like I'm having fun when playing them because it's something I don't see ALL THE DAMN TIME. Yeah, I play lots of fighting games but I also love MMORPGs and others....but I really don't play sports games (with a few being 3 on 3 Freestyle Basketball Online). Speaking of MMORPGs, I've officially ended my life in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I felt like I wasn't progressing fast enough and that I was being left behind everyone and even those in my Free Company "Viva Eorzea". Since then, I've been spending a good deal of my MMORPG life in Black Desert Online.....partially because it's Pay-2-Play with no subscription and because it's more action based & life simulation. I play as I want and I'm not too far behind anyone in my guild "Haki". All in good fun, I'll say. Anime Weekend Atlanta in September has come and gone and that - I can say - was one of the biggest accomplishments in my life. Never have I worked with a 3rd party gaming publisher to help promote their games and have them attend the convention to help us. Last year, I did get support from Arc System Works with promoting Arcana Heart 3 Love Max but that was only on a promotional level and they did not attend but this year I worked with Degica Games to have them promote their games with us at the convention. It was really fun to have them there and I really want to thank Nick from Degica for giving us a chance to show off some of their games to the con goers. Hopefully, we can have them back again next year to show even more.


    In life, I've gone on a month and half long diet which has done me some good but now I feel as though I'm gaining that weight back so I really should get back to my exercising routine again. This was mostly due to my high blood pressure and weight (I was 219lbs and gone down to 206lbs). Other than that, nothing else eventful has happened. Well, with 2017 knocking on our door in just a few hours, I hope for next year, things will go in a different direction for me but for the better. I hope we all don't burn in hell here in North America with the POS we're going to have as president. We are so screwed.....



    From everyone and myself at Anime Toshokan, Happy New Year everyone!



  1. It's been a very long time since the last development blog posted and honestly, things have been extremely slow on my end with things pertaining to this website. Everything from designing a original site layout to brainstorming up new features, it's taking a toll on me doing everything by myself. Keep in mind, yes, this has been a solo project for years now since I decided to stop all of the other activities that A-T used to do back from 2003 - 2007. With that in mind, this is currently the mock design of the website look that I came with as of right now. It's still in the planning stage so anything is possible to change as of right now:




    Again, I'm not very confident in myself as of right now with designing this so I'll see how things go for now. As for the ME!ME!ME! themes......those might be scrapped but not because of lost interest but because my style of designing is slightly changing a bit to conform with web design standards and with Invision Power Board (the CMS that Anime Toshokan is powered by).


    As for the paid features that was mentioned in this blog title, yes, I will be adding features and upgrades to member accounts as a form of premium account incentive for those who help support the site. Some ideas that are flowing are:

    • Ad Removal
    • Profile Background Music
    • Profile Background Changer
    • Upgrade in upload limits to the gallery
    • Max amount of blogs a member can have will go up
    • Access to a donors only forum


    and so forth....again, these are just brainstorms that I'm making at the moment although some of these are actually being tested right now (don't ask me how I'm testing since I'm the only one here). With that in mind, this paid feature will likely be a one-time payment kind of system where if a minimum set amount is donated, you'll unlock those upgrades to your account for life (until you do something to get banned and have to make a new account and do the process all over again). I'm currently not certain how this will go as of yet so I'll keep you all posted. Till next time!

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