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23/09 Stream Highlights - GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match

Como informado anteriormente, a live-stream de GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match foi transmitida através dos canais da Bandai-Namco nas plataformas Youtube e NicoNico. Houve demonstração de gameplay, as seiyuus desenhando, entre outros.
Quem não conseguiu acompanhar pode re-assistir pelo Youtube, já que o conteúdo foi salvo. 


Tokimeki Idol Smartphone Game Announced

It has been announced by Konami Digital Entertainment on Friday that they will be releasing a new smartphone game titled "Tokimeki Idol". This game is a spin-off to the Tokimeki Memorial visual dating sim series which was also developed by Konami that started out back in 1994 and has not been seen since back in 2014. Konami opened a new teaser website with a video giving fans a closer look at the game.
Tokimeki Idol is a idol communication game where you'll be living with the games 15 female idols whom are part of a music institute to help them achieve their goal & dreams.

The game will be a free-2-play game for iOS & Android mobile devices which will come with microtransaction purchases. The game will also sport a "VR" mode for compatible devices for smartphones & tablets.

This new development for the TokiMemo series is built on the concept of gaining a “Tokimeki” (Heartbeat Memorial) from spending your everyday with the girls who are aiming to become idols.
Tokimeki Idol marks the return of Konami's Tokimeki Memorial romance sim series. From its initial release back in 1994, Tokimeki Memorial has spawned many  game sequels, spin-offs, & adaptations from its original video anime back in 1999 & 2009, a 2006 anime TV series (Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~) which was based on the Tokimeki Memorial online game which was also released in that same year, & many more from drama CDs & soundtracks. No game within the Tokimeki Memorial series has ever been officially translated for the western market although it is argued that Brooktown High, another one of Konami's games released for the Playstation Portable back in 2007, was heavily inspired by Tokimeki Memorial and was considered Konami's way of bringing the series over to the western market......not in the way fans would have wanted though as the game was heavily panned as a horrible game.
Reporter Rant: Okay seriously......this game is looking too much like The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. Honestly, I think I can let one out now......FUCK KONAMI for ruining yet another favorite franchise by making it a mobile monetization smartphone game!! #FUCKKONAMI

Maximum the Hormone Launches New Manga

A new manga inspired by the band "Maximum the Hormone" has begun serialization in this year's fall issue of Shogakukkan's Coro Aniki magazine this past Friday. The story for the new manga story is written by band member Maximum the Ryo-kun while Hideaki Fujii (Battle Spirits: Shonen Toppa Bashin, LBX - Little Battlers eXperience, Shin Megami Tensei DEVIIL CHILDREN) will be doing the artwork.


The title of the new manga is called "Maximum the Ryo-kun no Hissatsu!! Outsider Kokoku Dairinin" (Maximum the Ryo-kun's Certain Kill!! Outsider Advertising Agent) delves into the advertising industry of Japan. The story begins when a female member of Coro Coro Aniki's editorial department named Shibata goes to the Hormone office.
A prologue was published back in the magazine's summer issue which was released in June.
Anime fans may remember Maximum the Hormone music as they've performed the second opening & ending theme songs for the Death Note anime series, an ending theme song for Air Master, & a insert song for the theatrical movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F.
Credits: Anime News Network, Comics Natalie

Stream de GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match marcada para 23 de Setembro

De acordo com o website oficial do game, a companhia Bandai-Namco transmitirá uma live-stream especial de GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match no dia 23 de Setembro às 08:00 (convertendo para o Horário de Brasília) através de seus canais nas plataformas YouTube e NicoNico. 
Poucos detalhes foram anunciados mas, a princípio, o elenco é formado pelas atrizes de voz Mai Fuchigami (Miho Nishizumi), Mami Ozaki (Hana Isuzu) e Kana Ueda (Momo Kawashima).
GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match tem previsão para ser lançado para PlayStation 4 no Japão, assim como na Ásia com opção de legendas em Inglês, durante o verão de 2017*. Como o próximo filme da franquia irá ao ar no 9 de Dezembro, espera-se que o game chegue às prateleiras no mesmo mês. Enquanto Senshado Kiwamemasu (lançado para PS Vita em 2014) aborda a história do anime, a campanha de Dream Tank Match baseia-se no filme de 2015.  
* Este período corresponde à temporada no Brasil. Na região onde o jogo será lançado, é inverno.
Tweet original

Taku Takahashi, Teddyloid, & DAOKO To Attend Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 is turning out to be a very big year as they recently announced two more special music guests to attend the convention this year in September. It was announced via AWA's Facebook page that Teddyloid & DAOKO will be attending the convention along with recently announced guest ☆Taku Takahashi (Taku was announced back on May 22nd).
Taku Takahashi rose to fame as the DJ/Producer of the J-pop music group “m-flo". ☆Taku Takahashi also served as supervisor to the soundtracks for the hit Japanese anime “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”, and made waves in the music industry for his work with the drama/movie ‘’Nobunaga Concerto’’. In addition to all of these incredible credits, ☆Taku Takahashi did production work for Space Dandy and Square Enix's "Figureheads".
☆Taku Takahashi is the founder of Japan’s first and only Dance Music Radio Station “block.fm”.
TeddyLoid started his career as MIYAVI’s DJ and sound producer by joining his world tour when he was only 18 years old. He also produced the OST for the GAINAX anime “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt” with ☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo). He has also had experience in units with Shibasaki Ko and DECO*27, established galaxias!, worked on the album “TOXIC” for the GazettE, and has produced “Neo STARGATE” for Momoiro Clover Z,. In 2013, TeddyLoid had a guest appearance at Seibu Dome Taikai. Furthermore, he has provided BGM to the anime “Mekakucity Actors”.
TeddyLoid has also produced Vocaloid IA tracks and remixes, Square Enix’s “Mugen∞Knights”, and WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA’s, new long production “SUPERLOSERZ SAVE THE EARTH”, directed by Amon Miyamoto. In 2014 he produced the music for the short film “ME!ME!ME”, which was visualized by Hibiki Yoshizaki and vocals sang by DAOKO.
TeddyLoid debuted as a solo artist by releasing his EP from King Records’ EVIL LINE RECORDS in August 2014, “UNDER THE BLACK MOON” and his first album “BLACK MOON RISING” in September. In summer 2015, he started “Momoiro Clover Z×TeddyLoid Remix Project” and released an official remix album, “Re:MOMOIRO CLOVER Z” . In Momoiro Clover Z’s big summer event “Momoshinsai 2015”, he performed the opening act as DJ. In December, he released his first collaboration product with 12 tracks and 14 sets of guests on “SILENT PLANET” as his original 2nd album. The guests included big names like Tetsuya Komuro, Yasutaka Nakata, HISASHI from GLAY, KOHH, and more.
In 2016, TeddyLoid produced two tracks for HAL College of Technology & Design, one of which titled “Daisuki with TeddyLoid” was a commercial with Hibiki Yoshizaki and vocals by DAOKO. The contrasting track “Daikirai feat. Chanmina” also garnered attention for featuring the up and coming Korean rapper Chanmina.
TeddyLoid also created the opening track “Red Doors feat. Yoshikazu Mera” for this summer’s new anime, 18if. This September, TeddyLoid will perform at the world-renowned EDM festival ULTRA JAPAN 2017.
DAOKO is a rapper/singer born in Tokyo in 1997. After uploading videos of her tracks to Nico Nico at the age of 15, her popularity led her to release her first album in 2012, titled “HYPER GIRL – Mukougawa no Onna no Ko.” At 16, she was propelled further into the public eye by her collaboration song “IRONY” with the legendary unit m-flo. The track was selected as the theme song for the movie “Taka no Tsume.”
In 2014, DAOKO sang her 3rd hit which made her mark around the world: “ME!ME!ME!”, with music produced by TeddyLoid and short film by visual artist Hibiki Yoshizaki. The following year DAOKO signed to the renowned label TOY'S FACTORY and released her self-titled major debut album. DAOKO reunited with TeddyLoid and Hibiki Yoshizaki to create a commercial for HAL College of Technology & Design with the track “Daisuki with TeddyLoid.”
DAOKO's work with anime tie-ups includes the opening song “Kakureba” for The Dragon Dentist, “Haikei Goodbye Sayonara” and “Cinderella step” for Rage of Bahamut: VIRGIN SOUL, and “Uchiage Hanabi” with Kenshi Yonezu for the movie Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?. Her newest release, “Forever Friends” is a cover of the original track from the 1993 original release of the film Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?.
AWA 2017 marks DAOKO's first-ever appearance outside of Japan, where she will be performing alongside TeddyLoid.
Source: Anime Weekend Atlanta Facebook Page
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[NBHD] Information & Mechanics

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Mikuru//X    1



Welcome to the Nitro+ Blasterz -Heroines Infinite Duel- information page. Here you will be provided with info about this game along with the system mechanics. Discuss anything about game & system mechanics, updates, & news related to Nitro+ Blasterz.




:: Information ::

Game Title: Nitro+ Blasterz -Heroines Infinite Duel-

Developer: Examu

Publisher: Nitro+, Marvelous Entertainment (Japan), XSEED Entertainment (USA)

Release Date: April 30, 2015 (Arcade - Japan Only), December 10, 2015 (PS4, PS3 - Japan Only), Winter 2015 (PS4, PS3 - North America Release)

Board Type:

Console Release Price: ¥12,160 (Limited Edition - Japan), ¥6,990 (Standard Edition - Japan)

Official Japanese Website: http://www.examu.co.jp/nitroplus_blasterz/




:: News Updates ::

July 14, 2015: In a recent article in Famitsu, Examu announced another guest character for the console version of Nitro+ Blasterz. Representing Examu, Aino Heart from the Arcana Heart fighting game series, was announced as a member of the playable cast of characters.

June 23, 2015: The next update to the arcade version of NBIHD will be conducted on July 2nd. With this update, the inclusion of Saber as a playable character, and Angela Balzac & Yuki Takeya as support characters will be added.

June 16 - 18, 2015:  During E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2015, XSeed had a playable build of Nitro+ Blasterz on display for players to play for the first time in the US.

June 12, 2015: XSeed Entertainment has announced that they will release Nitro+ Blasterz in North America sometime in the Winter of 2015 (EU release is unconfirmed to be included).

June 10, 2015: In the issue of Dengeki Playstation Magazine, Marvelous Entertainment has announced that Homura from the Senran Kagura series will be a guest character in the home version (& possibly the arcade version) of Nitro+ Blasterz.

June 2, 2015: Playstation 3 & Playstation 4 version announced to be released. Super Sonico will become a playable character (she is originally a support character). More playable characters to be announced. ( http://www.siliconera.com/2015/06/02/nitroplus-blasterz-heroine-infinite-duel-headed-to-ps4-and-ps3/ )

May 28, 2015: Akane Tsunemori, Amy, & Yoguruma Mugen are released in the arcade new update. New color palettes for playable cast.



:: Gameplay Videos ::

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyXl3jetGQI - Famitsu Demonstration 12/19/2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzqu7EJL234 - Famitsu Mechanics/Character Demonstration 12/19/2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbWr7L57Lsg - Famitsu Demonstration 12/20/2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCXjc3BbdTA - Gameplay Stream 03/13/2015



:: Resource Links ::

Japanese Fan Wiki Page: http://npblasterz-wiki.net/nbfan/

:: Playable Cast ::

  • Al Azif (Kishin Hishou Demonbane)
  • Anna (Gekko no Carnevale)
  • Ein (Phantom of Inferno)
  • Ethica Kibanohara (Tokyo Necro)
  • Ignis (Jingai Makyou)
  • Mora (Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia)
  • Sansei Muramasa (Soukou Akki Muramasa)
  • Ruili (Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer)
  • Saber (Fate/Zero)
  • Saya (Saya no Uta)
  • Ouka (OKSTYLE)
  • Super Sonico (Super Sonico)
  • Homura (Senran Kagura series)
  • Aino Heart (Arcana Heart series)

:: Supporter Cast ::

  • Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)
  • Althea (Hakubou no Dendoushi)
  • Amy (Suisei no Gargantia)
  • Angela Balzac (Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise)
  • Another Blood (Kishin Hishou Demonbane)
  • Carol (Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas)
  • Dragon (Dra+Koi)
  • Franco II Nero (Zoku Satsuriku no Django: Jigoku no Shoukinkubi)
  • Henri (Angelos Armas)
  • Ishima Kaigen (Hanachirasu)
  • Miyuki Sone (Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi)
  • Mitsurugi Yoishi (Phenomeno)
  • Mukou Aoi (Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi)
  • Natsumi Aibara (Hello, World)
  • Sakura (Axanael)
  • Sonico (Super Sonico)
  • Spica (Sumaga)
  • Yoguruma Mugen (D.Y.N. Freaks)
  • Yuki Takeya (School-Live!)




:: Screenshots ::






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Mikuru//X    1

:: Game Controls ::



A: Light Attack

B: Medium Attack

C: Heavy Attack

D: Escape Action

E: Heavy Action

Down, Up (quickly): Super jump



:: Escape Mechanics & Vanishing Guard::


-Escape Action-

Escape Action allows a player to travel across the screen on command (distance & speed varies depending on the character you us) by Pressing "D". Neutral "D" (5+D) will allow you to bypass any incoming projectile attack but doesn't make you invulnerable to incoming physical attacks. Pressing Down+D (2+D) will result in your character doing a hop escape which can be used to avoid low attacks & also incoming projectiles but not for very long in comparison to the neutral "D" version.


-Vanishing Guard-

Vanishing Guard is a special guard stance that applies a small shield in front of the your character which can only be done by pressing 4 or 3+D while trying to block. The active window for Vanishing Guard is only for 2 seconds and is used to block the moment an attack connects. If successful, the recovery rate of the block stun is drastically shorten, giving the player the chance to counter.



  • Nullifies chip damage from special moves
  • Can block air-unblockable attacks in mid-air
  • After blocking a non-projectile attack, you gain a 3-frame advantage over the opponent
  • You can activate it while blocking
  • Can be used to block an incoming charged Heavy Action attack


  • You cannot switch between low and high blocking after activating it
  • You cannot break throws
  • There is a small recovery after deactivating it (you can break throws by then)
  • If you land while using the mid-air version, you have additional landing recovery



:: Partner Blitz ::


Pressing the following buttons at the same time allows you to use one of your two partners during the match.

Pressing A+D calls out Partner A

Pressing B+D calls out Partner B

After the partner is called and does their support action, that character cannot be called back out until the cooldown meter (the ring that forms under the partner's icon) fills up completely. Each assist character has a set cooldown time and differs between each support character.

:: Heavy Action ::


Heavy Action is a blow away attack that will send the opponent flying to the other side of the screen upon contact.

Holding E will charge the attack up. Once the attack activates upon charging, the attack cannot be blocked by anything other than Variable Guard.

2E  does a sweep attack that causes a knock down.


:: Variable Rush ::



Variable Rush is a special rush attack command. You can perform a powerful combo by simply pressing various attack buttons.

  • Activation is by pressing C+E
  • Variable Rush requires 2 stocks of Power Gauge
  • On hit, mash A or B or C

:: Notes about Variable Rush (Special Thanks to SoWL from Dustloop forums) ::

Variable Rush can be broken down into 3 different parts:

  • Starter
  • Linker
  • Ender

The starter almost always has start-up invulnerability, but can also have some other properties. For example, Saya's starter tracks the opponent on the ground, while Ignis's guard crushes. The difference between the linkers isn't that great when you land a starter (as they are pretty much guaranteed to connect, you just perform the most damaging one over and over again), but if they block the starter, you can keep hitting buttons to keep the mix-up going. For example, Ein's linkers include a low, an overhead, and a cross-up; on the other side of the spectrum, Saya can't perform any linkers at all if her starter is blocked or whiffed. Lastly, the ender only happens if you actually landed the linker. Again, they have different properties so use the one that fits your needs at the moment. Saya's enders include a launcher (so you can follow it up with an air combo), a hard knockdown, and eating....err, health recovery.


Overall, it's a good mechanic for those who just picked up the game and had no time to learn combos, but it's a bit less prominent at higher levels since most characters can convert their meter into much better damage (especially with assists).

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Mikuru//X    1

:: Nitro+ Blasterz Version 1.08 AC Changelist ::


The current version of Nitro+ Blasterz is version 1.08 for the arcade version. The steam version is currently 1.02 but is based on the changes made in the 1.08 arcade version update. The PS3 & PS4 version is currently 1.03 but is based on the 1.06 arcade version update, thus making it not the most definitive version of the game gameplay wise. Here are the changes that have been made in the latest arcade/Steam builds of Nitro+ Blasterz (special thanks to @Jasepi_iidx for the translations for the update):


-- will continue --

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