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Found 6 results

  1. It's with deep regret that as of March 9, 2017, Anime Toshokan Inc. will officially close down our IRC channel on Rizon. We say this because it has been a staple within Anime Toshokan dating back to when our site was originally called "AIC World" and because of the long history it has with our group. This decision was made due to the inactivity of the channel and because most of the A-T IRC staff has jumped ship to our Discord channels. Anime Toshokan currently has 2 Discord groups which are operated by Mikuru//X & Akadai Shirou (both operate one each). One deals with the A-T group as a whole and the other deals with the A-T gaming guild. For those of you whom been with us for all of these years, thank you so very much for the memories and good times (and bad) we've had. If you would like to meet us on Discord, please click here: https://discord.gg/hQARJ6a
  2. It's been a very long time since the last development blog posted and honestly, things have been extremely slow on my end with things pertaining to this website. Everything from designing a original site layout to brainstorming up new features, it's taking a toll on me doing everything by myself. Keep in mind, yes, this has been a solo project for years now since I decided to stop all of the other activities that A-T used to do back from 2003 - 2007. With that in mind, this is currently the mock design of the website look that I came with as of right now. It's still in the planning stage so anything is possible to change as of right now: Again, I'm not very confident in myself as of right now with designing this so I'll see how things go for now. As for the ME!ME!ME! themes......those might be scrapped but not because of lost interest but because my style of designing is slightly changing a bit to conform with web design standards and with Invision Power Board (the CMS that Anime Toshokan is powered by). As for the paid features that was mentioned in this blog title, yes, I will be adding features and upgrades to member accounts as a form of premium account incentive for those who help support the site. Some ideas that are flowing are: Ad Removal Profile Background Music Profile Background Changer Upgrade in upload limits to the gallery Max amount of blogs a member can have will go up Access to a donors only forum and so forth....again, these are just brainstorms that I'm making at the moment although some of these are actually being tested right now (don't ask me how I'm testing since I'm the only one here). With that in mind, this paid feature will likely be a one-time payment kind of system where if a minimum set amount is donated, you'll unlock those upgrades to your account for life (until you do something to get banned and have to make a new account and do the process all over again). I'm currently not certain how this will go as of yet so I'll keep you all posted. Till next time!
  3. Over the years, Anime Toshokan has always had 2 or 3 mascots that represent the site. Back in 2010, we introduced these mascots in their first drawn version back when we had them designed at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Over the course of 5 years, their designs have changed (well, only one of them) and their redrawn looks are now complete. Mikuru & Haruhi are 2 of 3 main mascots for Anime Toshokan. They are the sites personification of its founder Mikuru//X and his close online friend & Rumble Fighter partner "Haruhi". Name: Mikuru Nationality: American Ethnic: Half African American / Half Thai Age: 21 Born: September 20, 1996 Place of Birth: Alabama, USA Hobbies: Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Web Design, Graphic Design, Playing Video Games (Fighting & MMORPGs mostly), Cooking, Sleeping (a little too much) Favorite Foods: Mom's Thai Cooking, Sushi, Takoyaki, Grilled Corn, Fish (prefers Tilapia), Tiramisu, Coffee Based Products Likes: Her friendly gaming rivalry with Haruhi, quiet places, trying new foods, going places, & other stuff? Dislikes: Lazy/uncultured/disrespectful/closed minded people, the word that is not a word "Weeaboo",......that's all you're getting out of me. Favorite Anime Series(s): Chobits, El-Hazard, Battle Athletes, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, Mamano Hunter Yohko Mikuru's design has not changed since we've first introduced her back in 2010. Still sporting the eye patch, cat ears cap, & white coat, no one knows exactly what she likes to wear underneath it.....not ever her creator. What we do know is that she tends to be a very quiet person at most times but tends to do a complete 180 when she's at bars, gaming pubs, or anime conventions. Usually bored with everyday life as nothing particularly happens in her hometown so she spends everyday on her computer or iTab doing random things online. Name: Haruhi Nationality: American Ethnic: Caucasian Age: 20 Born: April 20, 1997 Place of Birth: USA (Haruhi has not stated) Hobbies: ??? Favorite Foods: ??? Likes: ??? Dislikes: ??? Favorite Anime Series(s): ??? Haruhi has went through a complete overhaul in her design. Her original design had her too close to resembling Haruhi from "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsuu" which is something we needed to avoid at all cost. Luckly, another one of our online friends from the online game "Rumble Fighter" came up with her current design but only from the head down to her chest. We had to make go with what we had and come up with the rest ourselves. Haruhi's profile is currently unknown because only Haruhi has that info as we'll wait to see what she wants to put down for her. The only reason Mikuru's profile is done is because she is based on our founder. The redesign artwork was commissioned by Anime Toshokan to a online artist who goes by the name "LukisanHana" on Facebook. She has done an excellent job portraying our mascots the way we imagined them and for coming up with the rest of the body for Haruhi with absolutely nothing to fall back on. We really recommend you check her artwork out and see about getting commissions from Lukisan....tell them Anime Toshokan sent ya!! LukisanHana Facebook Page: Click Here
  4. Over the course of years since the days where we did Stepmania material, fansubbing, & other activities, Anime Toshokan has since changed to go in a more clean route about our operations. Since then, we've also pretty much abandoned the community that helped us grow back in those days. It may have been for the best for the greater good that is to be recognized by others as an official outlet to express ourselves & to teach others about all things anime, gaming, & otaku culture but the road leading to there is very long and harsh with the rise of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others of its kind......even in anime social media, Goboiano is about to capture that market as well, leaving websites like Anime Toshokan & others to try even harder to gain a following and a community. Unless there was something that made a website different or attractive than the others, those sites have no chance of ever getting off its feet. As the only person who runs this site and the only person actually tries to add content, it's very hard on me to do anything on my own as this is a hobby & dream project for myself. Even I have a 5/8 job that has to pay the bills so it's extremely hard for me to keep this up but I've done so for the last 17+ years (this includes all the early iterations of this site before it became Anime Toshokan). This is a cry for help, if anything, to find people who share the same love for anime & games as I do who would like to build a community where people can share ideas & experiences with others. If you're that kind of person would like to help us (or me, to be more blunt), please contact me through PM on the A-T website. Also, let me know what your ideas are to help us grow.
  5. With the new site now running smoothly (so far), we at Anime Toshokan can now concentrate with refilling this site with content for our users as well as open new doors for people who are willing to help in any way. As the news title suggests, we are looking for gamers who are open minded with their opinions in giving feedback on Japanese doujin games that have potential for the US/EU market. Before anyone asks, yes, this is a volunteer position but this is also official work on our part as you'll be helping companies make decisions on games they want to try and bring to the western market but would like opinions on various aspects of the games such as: Is the game fun?Do you enjoy playing X game?How is the gameplay to you? Does it make you want to continue playing?What are some of the things you would change before being officially released?Questions of these matters are just an example of what you'll be asked. Anime Toshokan will not be releasing these games and we're not becoming a US publisher of these games but rather our feedback will go to the company that wants a public opinion on a product they have in mind. We will not disclose any information as to who our clients are but if you've known MikuruX for a while then you probably know who he is helping. Being in this group, however, you will be instructed and to hold your part as a tester of Anime Toshokan to never disclose any information or data of any game you test with us. You will not allowed to talk about anything regarding your work here at Anime Toshokan or about our clients regarding the testing out in public or family/friends. Breaking these rules of the group will automatically cause for your termination from the group and possibly a life-time ban from this site (These are serious offenses and we will not tolerate insubordination). If this sounds like something for you and something that you can do, please inform us in the comments or private message Mikuru//X.
  6. Due to complete & utter lack of customer service with our former site hosting company "Globat", Anime Toshokan was forced to move to another host in order to gain the full benefits of the latest version of Invision Power Board which is version 4.0 that is currently now in testing (we're using the current release candidate as of right now). Because of this move and other issues with Globat & compatiability with the database, again, the site has been wiped a new. Also, Anime Toshokan will for now be closed off from the public until we feel that it is ready to open for the general public to use. We are unsure of our vision of the site but we'll keep working till we find one that both pleases us and our users. We apologize for all of the trouble that this may cause for everyone but we hope you all will work with us during out testing phase of the new Anime Toshokan website.
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